Saturday, September 26, 2015

Miss Lloyd the Midwife

Miss Lloyd delivered over 3,000 babies. She delivered all seven of my Grandmother's babies. She delivered the babies of three of my Aunts. While a baby was entering this world, she would be praying out loud on her knees. Then she would care for the mother and baby for three to four days afterwards; feeding and caring for mother and child. My Aunt couldn't remember her losing one baby or mother due to negligence. Many OBGYNs would call her for advice. If there was trouble during the labor of a baby she was delivering, she'd know exactly when to take her to the hospital. Can you imagine having such an incredible midwife to deliver your baby?

This was common those many years ago. Women would deliver their babies in the comfort of their own homes with no interventions. Babies would be born when they were ready to enter the world and not before. There were no ultrasounds and many tests during pregnancy to determine the sex and health of the baby. I didn't know the sex of any of my babies until they were born! Even if there had been something wrong with one of them, I would not have had an abortion. Things happened much more naturally back then.

For instance, I had no idea that all pregnant women have to drink a sugary drink for a glucose test. Biodynamic Wellness wrote this recently about this test, Sugar water? Actually GMO corn starch, soybean oil and food coloring. Is this necessary? Pregnant women are given this on an empty stomach for glucose tolerance testing. This often leads to a severe drop in blood sugar, putting the pregnant woman into a very stressful metabolic state. Ironically, this dangerous test is mostly reserved for pregnant women. Instead request the casual plasma glucose test, in which a sample of blood is drawn without regard of the time of the last meal or the content of that meal. No fasting is required nor are you subjected to the highly sweetened drink (which is very difficult on a diabetic). If you show symptoms, have a casual plasma glucose test or the hemoglobin A1c test. Avoid the stressful oral glucose tolerance test and make a serious effort to get your blood sugar under control safely. We at Biodynamic Wellness can help you control your blood sugar and support you if you have gestational diabetes."

I realize hospitals have saved MANY lives, including mine which I am very thankful for, and most husbands want their wives to deliver in the hospital but it seems the medical profession has gone overboard in the area of pregnancy and birth; treating it as an illness rather than a natural and healthy process. I would have loved having my baby in my home with a godly midwife like Miss Lloyd who would have encouraged me during labor and cared for me a few days after having my babies but I am thankful I had four healthy babies. I just encourage you to explore your options and all the tests they want to give to you while pregnant to see it they are really necessary or simply to protect the doctors and hospitals from lawsuits, which I don't blame them, by the way.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalm 139:14