Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making A Little Income

She was wondering if she should go out and find a full-time job to help with the family's income.  Her husband responded with the following words ~

 I didn’t want her to feel obligated to have to go out and work for someone else as a wage slave. I’ve told her repeatedly that only one of us should have to suffer indentured servitude in corporate hell {it might be a life sentence for me}, and that that’s my job as the husband and provider. There’s no reason both of us should have to suffer.

If she wants to work, I’m fine with that ~ but I would prefer that she started something of her own. She loves clothing and jewelry and has been a successful seller of it in the past and is also a great cook who has catered meals for family and friends before. Let her discover the entrepreneur within herself!

This is one wise husband.  Why women were ever convinced into leaving their homes, being told that lovingly serving their family was mundane, and having careers like men where they leave the home for hours every day is a good thing is beyond me. If a wife would like to contribute income to the family, it is best if she can find something to do from the home and have her life be centered around the home just as was the Proverbs 31 wife's job of making and selling linen garments and sashes.

This man enjoys having his wife home, taking care of the home and family.  It is an act of love and service to want to cook tasty and healthy meals for our families. So many women today don't like to cook.  It isn't a matter of whether you like it or not, it is imperative you learn to enjoy cooking and nourishing your precious family.  Sure, keeping the home clean and tidy isn't fun but it is part of the ministry the Lord has given us. Praise the Lord that you have a roof over your head.  If you are disorganized and messy, begin following flylady and teach yourself to be a good housekeeper. 

Don't let them fool you, there is joy to be found at home. If you listen to the people who don't know that, you'll be thinking that being at home, and the chores to be done there, are demeaning, demanding and disgusting. If you read magazines, they'll tell you all about how to do this and that, they'll give you lists of "the best 10 holidays ..." and tell you 20 different ways to serve a chicken leg, but they never write about the satisfaction of homemaking, or the joy to be found by making your home a safe and cozy haven for all who live there. That is my job. ;- ) {Rhonda Jean}

If you feel your husband needs some help adding income to the family, figure out what you enjoy and see if you can bring in some income with it from the home.  Maybe you have an entrepreneur within and can start a little home based business!

Here is a wonderful verse, young women, 
about the "career" the Lord has given you ~

I will therefore that the younger women marry, 
bear children, guide the house, 
give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
I Timothy 5:14