Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Pollyanna Syndrome

Recently, I watched Pollyanna for the first time.  I loved how happy she was. One time she was rebuked for her happiness.  She said her father told her to always look for the things to be happy about in life, not the things to complain about.

When she went to live with her aunt in a big, gorgeous mansion, she strolled through the hallway and saw all these beautiful extra bedrooms that were not being used.  She continued on up into a dirty, dusty attic to a room that was for her.  The maid said she didn't understand why the aunt was putting her in this ugly room and Pollyanna exclaimed, "Oh, I am happy!  I have never had a room of my own and the bed is so soft!"

Everyone hated Sundays because they had to go and listen to a preacher who only preached hell, fire, and brimstone.  When asked about a reason to be happy about Sundays, she quickly responded, "There are six whole days until the next Sunday!"

Our pastor preached on happiness recently.  He taught that people who pursue their own happiness are less happy.  Happy people like to be surrounded by family and friends.  They are involved in daily tasks that cause them to forget about themselves.  They forgive easily.  They spend time alone and pursue personal growth.  They don't judge themselves by other's standards and don't care about social approval.  They are not materialistic.  They are thankful and serve others.

I remember people mocking others if they had the "Pollyanna Syndrome."  God wants us all to be like Pollyanna.  He wants us to dwell on the good, lovely, and pure.  He wants us to give thanks in everything.  He wants us to rejoice and be thankful.  He wants us to be salt and light in a dark world.  If we look like the world, we will not attract them to Jesus.  Determine to see the good in every situation and be thankful.

There will be no complaining in our streets.  
Happy is that people, that is in such a case:  
yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:14,15