Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shoshanna's Non-Toxic Body Lotion

Here is a video of Shoshanna's non-toxic body lotion.  I made it and loved it!  It is slightly greasy but soaks into the skin within several minutes.  It is made from all natural ingredients that are fairly easy to find.  I am going to type out all the directions so I don't have to go to the video every time I make it.  I need this post for my reference!

The first thing you do is make an herbal infused oil.  I ordered calendula flowers and rose pedals from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are a bit expensive up front but there is enough to make many jars of lotion.

Fill a glass jar half full of each herb.  Then pour coconut oil {I use this coconut oil because it has no smell to it.} that you have slowly melted in a pan into the jar of herbs almost to the top of the jar, leaving about two inches at the top.  Secure the lid on the jar.

Put this jar with herbs into a large pan with a towel on the bottom, folded over four times, so the jar won't break.  Pour water into the pan so it comes up to almost the top of the jar, about the same place the oil comes up to.   Cover the pan with a lid, bring water to boil, turn to low and cook for one to two hours.

Get a cheesecloth and spread it over the top of another pan.  Pour the oil infused herbs into the cheesecloth straining out the herbs.  Throw the used herbs away.  Into the pan with the infused oil add two tablespoons of beeswax and allow the beeswax to melt.

Pour this mixture into a flat glass baking dish.  Allow it to completely cool.  {I put mine in the refrigerator to hurry the process.} Scrape it out with a knife or spatula and put into a blender.  She uses a Bullet.  I use my Vitamix.  Pour aloe vera juice {You can get a large plastic tub of it at Walmart for real cheap.} into the blender until it covers the coconut oil.  Add one teaspoon vitamin E oil, and some essential oils if you would like.

Now blend it until it is very creamy.  Then pour it into glass jars with a lid or whatever else you have.  It has a wonderful creamy texture.  It is fairly inexpensive to make and is made of all natural ingredients.  Enjoy!

Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, 
a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.
Proverbs 27:9