Friday, January 10, 2014

The Big Bear Behind Me

There is a film of a baby bear on one side of a river.  On the other side is a pack of ravenous wolves stalking towards the baby bear.  The baby bear finally gets up on his hind legs and growls angrily at the wolves trying to scare them away.  It doesn't help.  The wolves continue moving toward the bear.  All of a sudden, they put their tail between their legs and run away.  The baby bear thinks it had scared them away.  However, when the camera pans behind the baby, the mother is standing on her hind legs in all her glory, bearing sharp fangs, and scared those wolves away.

I feel like that baby bear sometimes.  When I write about submission, divorce, spankings, being a keeper at home, etc. I get a lot of disagreements in the comment section.  I will continue to try and teach what I believe to be true.  Finally, I will tell Ken about it and if he is home, he will take over.  He is my big bear that stands behind me and protects me.  It is a comforting place to be.

I love it when he does this.  I am so happy that he takes an active part in my blog.  Sometimes men will comment and he will usually be the one who has a discussion with them.  I love that he supports what I teach.  I believe all women want to feel protected.  It is a safe place to be.

Please don't take this too literally.  I don't consider most of you who disagree with me ravenous wolves!  I delete the comments from those types.  Ken doesn't have to bare his fangs at those who disagree!  He simply uses his many years of theological training in the Word to help bring some sense and reason to things. I just thought it was a beautiful picture of how I feel sometimes when Ken takes over.  Just a sense of  "Awwww....! I can rest now."

Husbands, love your wives, 
even as Christ also loved the church, 
and gave himself for it.
Ephesians 5:25