Sunday, July 27, 2014

Building Your Children's Lives Upon The Rock

There are WAY too many children raised in "Christian" homes that are walking away from the Lord. It truly grieves my heart. I have told you I am not too emotional but when I hear about another friend of my children who walked away from the Lord, I cry. It breaks my heart to know the enemy has stolen another one.

It seems to be happening way too much these days. Debi Pearl's daughter, Shalom, has written an incredible article about her upbringing and how wonderful it was. They were taught to save themselves completely for their future spouse, not even kissing until their wedding day. They loved and respected their parents. Their parents ALWAYS took the time to listen to them while they were growing up, so all five children ALWAYS listened to and respected the advice their parents gave them.

Their parents taught them to work hard and enjoy it. It was part of life and being a family. Now, they all work hard and are training their children to work hard. What their parents did best, however, was to love each other deeply. Children need security in this insecure, unstable world. They should get that security at home, then they won't be looking for it in another teenager's embrace, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Also, too many fathers are not involved enough with their children. They are chasing after the almighty dollar instead of investing their lives into their families. This should not be so! Michael Pearl heavily invested into his children's lives as Shalom pointed out ~

While growing up, we always worked as a team to maintain the home front and to put food on the table. We learned responsibility by being made responsible. We never felt as though work was an unwelcomed exception to life; it was life itself. The tomatoes we planted, weeded, watered, picked, packed, and sold were a necessary part of living. We did not just play and watch our dad do all the work. Yes, we played and had more fun than most kids I know of. {They were not allowed to sit around and watch television, play video games, sit in their rooms for hours every day away from their family, etc.} We would all work together, and then we would play together, Dad right in the middle of everything, cheering us on to be the best at our antics, whether dropping into the water from a rope swing or trying to catch a chicken.

Children need to be trained from the time they are babies to be self-disciplined, work hard, and most importantly, to love Jesus. These are the ingredients for a healthy childhood. Build your children's lives upon the Rock with a lot of love, hard work, and play and you will most likely see beautiful fruit from your hard work.

Labor not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom.
Proverbs 23:4

***You can read all of Shalom's fabulous article HERE.