Saturday, July 12, 2014

Should Women Seek A Husband?

Several older women have asked for my advice lately about finding a husband. Most advice is to simply wait on God; in God's perfect timing, He will bring a husband into their life; if you don't find a husband, God will change your desires.

I am not sure I agree with this advice. Would we give that to someone looking for a job...just wait on God; in God's perfect time; He will bring a job into your life, or He will change your desire? NO! We would tell them to go out and apply to many places. Look your best and practice interviewing. Go to school and get a degree, if needed, and do all in your ability to find a job as well as asking God for wisdom all along the way.

I would give the same type of advice to someone who was trying to have a baby...have a lot of sex, take your temperature, learn when your body ovulates, get as healthy as you can, and go to doctors to make sure everything is working. If you can't get pregnant, explore adopting a baby or two or more.

The same advice should apply to single women. Take a look at Ruth. She was so bold to even go into Boaz' room and sleep at his feet! She made herself very available! {No, I am not suggesting you go into any guy's bed to get him! You must never do this.}

Therefore, get as healthy as you can and the best shape you can get into. Eat healthy and practice moderation and self-control. Exercise every day and move your body. Dress as feminine as you can afford. Put on some makeup. Then smile A LOT! Men are attracted to joyful women. Search out eHarmony and Christian Mingle and give it a try. I have had older friends who found their spouses there.

Find a bigger church if you need to and one that has a large, active single's group, then get involved. Make yourself available for godly men to find you. Since we are a remnant, we should use modern technology to find each other! Attend No Greater Joy's Shindig if you are bold and have the finances.

Step out of your comfort zone. When you meet godly guys, look them in the eyes and listen to them. Really listen to them. Laugh at their jokes and be feminine with them, not loud and boisterous or flirty. There are just too many older Christians who aren't married and long to be. This just should not be so. I know men and women in this situation.

Then pray with confident expectation that God will grant you the desires of your heart. Thank Him for preparing a godly husband for you. Delight yourself in the Lord. Ask God for wisdom in going to the places your future husband may be. Be hopeful. NEVER give up hope! Believe God's promises.

Delight yourself in the LORD; 
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4