Saturday, July 26, 2014

What's Up With My Children?

These are the pictures Ken and I look at every day on our refrigerator. It is all of our children's engagement pictures, plus Emma as a newborn. We are blessed! Alyssa and Jon {top left photo} have been married three and a half years and have just bought their first home. They move in very soon and are SO excited! Jon is working at a job he loves and Alyssa keeps very busy teaching some exercise and ballet classes. They LOVE being married and enjoy riding bikes, going to the beach, and hiking together.

Ryan and Erin {top middle} have two precious children. Erin is a keeper at home and Ryan works with Ken. Ryan is a hard worker and good provider. They also LOVE being married {over four years now} and we watch their children once a week so they can go out and spend time alone together. Emma is going to be the flower girl in Steven and Emily's wedding! I am sure she will love entertaining every one again since she still loves to dance.

Steven and Emily {top right} are preparing to be married VERY soon. Shortly after their marriage, Steven will graduate from orthodontic school, then they will pack up their cars and move way up north where Steven will begin his career as an orthodontist, with his brand new help meet by his side. We are SO excited to have Emily as a part of our family. They can't WAIT to be married! {Yes, I will tell you all about it with many pictures!}

Ryan and Cassi are in the bottom left corner. They have been married six months now and also LOVE being married. It has been amazing to see how God has provided for them. Ryan will begin dental school soon. He got into one of the least expensive dental schools in the country with the lowest rent for an apartment. They have a long road ahead of them but their roots are firmly planted in Jesus and they are confident that He will be with them every step of the way. They definitely didn't believe in waiting until all their "ducks" were in order to get married. They know God loves and approves of marriage, whether you are rich or poor and have to struggle financially. After all, they have a BIG, generous God who owns everything!

It is a wonderful feeling, no, I mean "I have NO greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth!"{3 John 4}. All four of our children have been such a joy in our lives. They are truly our greatest gifts and blessings. We love watching them live their lives, enjoying their spouses, and walking with Jesus. Thankfully, they all chose spouses who love the Lord and want to please Him. We are blessed. Thank you, Jesus.