Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eating Out And Taking Vacations

Poor Laine. She doesn't eat out or take vacations because her husband doesn't make much money and she wants to pay off her home. She may never be able to enjoy sitting on a beautiful beach and looking out on a magnificent ocean with her husband. She decided staying home, raising her babies, showing hospitality to others, lending a helping hand or ear, and making a warm, loving home was more important than going out and getting a job so she could go out to eat and take amazing vacations.

Some women have commented on my posts about Laine and how simply she has to live since she has hardly any money. These women are happy they worked outside of the home so they have money to spoil their children, grandchildren, travel, eat out, etc. I am glad they have that choice if they want but even before I had children, I had decided I would rather live in a little trailer and be able to stay home with my children than work outside the home allowing someone else to raise my children.

Sure, it is very nice to eat out and go on vacations, but I have learned to live without these things the past few years due to my health and I am okay. My favorite thing to do is to prepare nourishing food for my family and have them all over to my home anyways. Yes, we can afford to go out to eat and go on vacations now, but I still love being home.

If you have read the series on Laine, you see that all of her needs are met. She has a roof over her head, clothes on her body, and plenty of food. She has long talks over coffee with her husband in the morning and long baths with candlelight with him in the evening. Her husband and children adore her. Her children are growing up to walk in Truth.

When did we come to the point thinking that having our needs met was not enough, thus we had to leave our homes for hours a day to make more money? Vacations and eating out are more important than being home full-time with our children? For me, they are not but for others, they must be.

We so easily forget our purpose here. It is short, so very short. We are here to make disciples of all the nations and most of you have little people in your home or even teenagers right now that you need to concentrate your energies on in making disciples. This life isn't about our pleasures but seeking God and His ways. He, my dear friends, wants mothers at home.

 Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.
2 Timothy 3:4