Saturday, July 5, 2014

Condoleezza Rice Has More Value Than Voddie's Wife???

Voddie Baucham preaches the Truth. He knows that the power of a transformed life preaches the Gospel better than anything else. If the world sees marriages that don't resemble Christ and His church, they won't see anything different that will cause them to seek Truth. God prescribed marriages speak LOUDLY. In this sermon, Pastor Baucham attempts to illustrate the lies Christian women have believed about submission ~

My wife is a highly educated woman who has laid down all her pursuits 
in order to submit herself to my vision for the family.

My wife does not contradict me in front of others. 
She shows me that respect and honor.

My wife communicates to myself and others the vision that 
I have established for our family.

My wife has forsaken other opportunities for independent self-fulfillment of her gifts in order to put her gifts under submission for me and my vision for our family.

I say these things and feminism cringes but what if 
I tweaked those things just a little bit ~

Dr. Condoleezza Rice is a highly educated woman who has laid down
 all her pursuits in order to submit herself to President Bush's vision for the country.

Dr. Rice does not contradict President Bush in public.

Dr. Rice committed herself and her vision for President Bush's 
administration's vision and not her own.

Dr. Rice had forsaken other opportunities for independent self-fulfillment 
of her gifts for the sake of helping President Bush fulfill his agenda.

How come she does it and she's a hero but my Bridgett does it and there's something wrong with it? You've been lied to. You believe that working for some man in the White House has more value than laying your life down beside a man that would lay his life down for you.

Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, 
so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.
Ephesians 5:25

This was an older sermon but completely relevant for today.
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