Friday, February 20, 2015

Yearning for Biblical Motherhood

The problem with working mothers is they usually can't fully focus on anything; not their job, their family, and not their home. Some women have come home, yet they are still overwhelmed. Did you know that before 1975, most families only had one car, therefore, mothers were forced to be at home! Unfortunately, now that most mothers have their own cars, they are once again out of the home most of the day. It's time to step out of this hectic lifestyle and come home. 

From reading Scripture, it is obvious that a woman of God should be busy at home and caring for her family, no matter how badly many want to interpret the Bible differently. God has hard-wired women to require a mostly home-centered life so we can become the meek and quiet women that the Bible speaks about. The enemy of our soul knows this and has done everything in his power to keep women out of their homes.

When you decide to leave the workplace and come home full-time, you are stepping into the front lines of a vicious spiritual battle. Our enemy does not want us to be more rested, peaceful, content and quiet raising godly offspring for the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows that spending our days in our homes, joyfully immersed in the unhurried business of gardening, cooking, baking from scratch, crafting, teaching our children and many other things, will have numerous benefits for women and their families.

We'll have more time to be in God's Word and prayer. Our families will eat healthier from our home-cooked meals. We'll save money on gas, fast food, new clothes, and everything else that comes from having a career. Our homes will be cleaner. We'll be more rested and ready to be intimate with our husbands. We will be available for those in need; the sick, the hurting, our grandchildren, etc. Our children will be better disciplined, better rested, happier and more relaxed.

The yearning to have the old-fashioned lives our grandmothers lived is just an inward call for hearth and home that is built into a woman's soul to live the way the Lord created us to live. Too many women are looking for peace in a bottle, buying more and more stuff, being in a 'perfect' career, in some type of ministry or being constantly busy. 

This is a spiritual battle, dear mothers. Fight it God's way; at home serving and loving on your precious families. This is glorifying to God and frightful to the enemy!

She looks well to the ways of her household, 
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27