Monday, November 2, 2015

A Godly Woman Teaches What is Good

This culture has lost its moral compass. It explains "good" as anything that feels good, brings pleasure, and entertains. Feminism defines "good" as anything that doesn't inconvenience {an unplanned pregnancy and children}, higher education, careers, fast-food and equal rights. Many believe "good" is getting something for doing nothing, making government bigger and more intrusive, and getting policemen out of the way so they can act as rebellious as they please. It is leaving a legacy of death and destruction.

This is not our home. We don't define "good" the way our culture does. We define good the way God defines it. God defines it has having self-control, working hard, husbands providing and women child-bearing and being keepers at home. It is being generous and helping those in need; respecting our leaders and obeying the laws of the land; respecting ALL life from the womb until death and avoiding any pleasure or entertainment that isn't true, honest, just, pure and lovely. 

"Eve means 'life-giver.' God's purpose is that every women - married, or single, fertile or infertile - will bring forth life...a woman's greatest aim ought to be to glorify God and further His kingdom by reproducing - bearing spiritual fruit."* Godly women are to be life givers. We are to be teachers of what is good for only God's definition of goodness brings life. He is the Author of goodness and He commands His children pursue godliness and goodness. It is our responsibility to teach goodness; it you are single, teach goodness to those in your circle of friends; if you are married, teach goodness to your children; if you are older, teach what is good to the younger women. It takes a sisterhood to grow girls up into true womanhood - a godly sisterhood in which every woman learns from the older and mentors the younger. That's God's plan for preserving the language of biblical womanhood.*

Teaching God's ways lead to goodness. What our society defines as good is ugly and the consequences of all of their "good" things produce bad fruit. The Bible tells us that we are known by the fruit we produce. We are all called to produce good fruit. The best fruit comes from investing our lives into other human beings. They are the ONLY ones who are eternal and who Jesus died to save.

We raised four children. We were consistently teaching our children what is good and what God required of them. We wanted to raise children who were hard workers and lights in this decaying culture.

Yes, there were many sleepless night rocking them when they were sick; cleaning up after them; feeding them over and over again; running them to AWANA to learn about the Lord; disciplining, training and teaching them; watching hundreds of their games; worrying about them when they were "hanging out" with someone I wasn't thrilled about: joy when they said "I do" to spouses that I loved, yet there is no greater joy than knowing they are all walking in Truth!

Ryan, Cassi, Alyssa and Steven
Many women yearn for older women to mentor them, since most of them were not raised by a godly mother who trained them in the ways of godliness and goodness. They were influenced by the feminist movement instead of the Bible. Marriages and families have fallen apart in the past 50 or so years and it has had a dramatic effect on the children. There is no one left at home to teach, train and hand down a godly legacy to them. Now, it is affecting young women; there are few older women available to teach them what is good and what God requires of them. They stumble along in the darkness trying to hold their marriage together, while having a career, raising children and keeping their home. It's a disaster!

Let's begin a "sisterhood" that mentors and teaches true womanhood the way God defines it and NOT the culture. Study God's word so when you are teaching others, your children or young women, you will have words of wisdom on your lips, instead of the foolishness the culture wants to impart to them. May a new generation of believers leave a legacy of walking in Truth, teaching goodness to others and spreading the Gospel to a lost and hurting world.

I have no greater joy than to hear 
that my children walk in truth.
3 John 1:14

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*True Woman 201: Interior Design—Ten Elements of Biblical Womanhood, ©2015 by Mary A. Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Used with permission of Moody Publishers. You can buy the book HERE.