Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Do You Need a Man?

This poster is being passed around Facebook. Do you need a man?

If you want to get married, you need a man. If you want to have children, you need a man. If you want to have a father for your children, you need a man. If you want to be a keeper at home, you need a man. If you want to be provided for without having a career so you can spend your days raising godly offspring, you need a man. If you want a relationship that is a model of Christ and His church, you need a man. If you want a relationship until death do you part, you need a man.

To teach women they never need a man is the feminist's agenda, women; make women believe they don't need a man and can live perfectly great lives without them; encourage them to get as much education as possible and a career so they can provide for themselves "just in case." Everything this culture is teaching women is completely contrary to God's Word since God created marriage, created men to need a help meet and women to need a provider and protector.

Most women need a man, if they admitted this truth. They need protection and provision for them. God created men to be the providers and protectors. They are much stronger than women. They are the ones who fight our enemies, build freeways and bridges, homes, cars, airplanes, etc. They can also lift much heavier things than the average woman.

One day, Emily, my daughter-in-law, told me there was a dead rat in her bathroom drain and of course, she immediately called Steven and he took care of it. {She texted me and told me she is SO happy there is a boy in her home!} If she sees something she loves on Pinterest, Steven is the one who builds it for her. If I have ever heard something in the middle of the night, it is the Ken who goes and checks it out. When one of my children were badly hurt, Ken would be the one who took care of them since I couldn't bear seeing blood and deep cuts. When Cassi's shoulder went out of her socket, she immediately called Ryan to come and help her. When Alyssa wanted crown molding around her family room ceiling, Jon is the one who did it, along with putting wood floors in and many other things around their home. Ryan installed a new stove top and garbage disposal for his and Erin's home. I could go on and on how we all need our husbands and are so thankful they are in our life. Oh yeah, when I woke up over a month ago and could hardly walk or see, Ken rushed me to the ER, sat with me in the ICU and made sure they weren't giving me antibiotics, shots to prevent clotting and other things I didn't need. We all value our husbands very much and appreciate the strength and leadership they have provided in our lives.

It is a lie that the SMARTEST thing women can learn is to NEVER need a man. The smartest thing a woman can learn is that God is their provider, protector and they can trust Him no matter where they are in life but for the majority of women who will one day be married and have a family, His provision and protection for them will be their husband.

Next time you see a post like the one above being spread around Facebook, make sure it is in agreement with Scripture. Don't just "like" it thinking it sounds good. God created marriage and it is good. We compliment each other and fill different needs for each other. Men need a woman to meet their sexual needs, provide a warm home, give them children and care for them if the Lord blesses them, fix good meals, and encourage them.

The bottom line is that God, our Creator, created marriage and He said it is good. We must always remember that our marriage reflects Christ and the church. We are the bride, the church and we NEED Christ! Since most women will get married, instead of acting like they don't need their husband, we must be appreciative and thankful for what our husbands add to our lives and treasure them as the church treasures Christ. 

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, 
and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
Ephesians 5:31