Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Recipe for a Rotten Marriage

For all of you who would like a recipe for a rotten marriage, here it is! 

A wife and husband who both work full-time. 

Two young children in preschool. 

Wife expects husband to put away the kid's jacket, get the baby bottle, rinse his plate, put his shoes in the closet, take out the garbage, and fold his own laundry when they get home from work. 

When he doesn't do these things, yell at him, "Actually, can you just do it? It's not helping me out. It's just putting your kid's sh*t away." 

He obeys his wife. 

View your husband as your partner and your equal. 

Instead of ever asking him to help you out again, since you are partners, simply tell him to get his sh*t out of the way since this will: (1) not diminish his value; (2) won't put undue responsibility on you; (3) will set an example for the children you want them to see and (4) it won't diminish your partnership. 

Tada! Then you'll have a happy and healthy family!

Now, can any of you reading this raise your hand if you think this will produce the results she intends for it to produce? Zero chance. In reality, this will produce a rotten marriage which, hopefully not, will end in divorce. Can you see how far from God's design for marriage and our roles this is and how feminism has destroyed marriage, children and family life? Wives with young children shouldn't be leaving their children all day. A husband who has been working hard to provide for his family shouldn't have to fold his own laundry and do a lot of housework when he gets home. 

Oh, but God's ways are so backwards and ancient. Yes, they would just set women back into the Stone Age where they would be home all day with their precious children disciplining, training, teaching and playing with them. They would have all day to shop for and cook nourishing food for their family, do the housework and be ready to love on their husband when they came home, instead of coming home to fast food, having little time with their children and swearing at their husbands.

I write posts for my blog trying to convince as many Christian women as possible the futility of feminism and going against God's design for us. We are the "weaker vessel" and God created us to be at home caring for our family; for those who are married with children. This is one of those GOOD things that God commands older women to teach young women and it is a very good thing! Unfortunately, even Christian women continue to listen to the lies of Satan that have wreaked havoc on everyone, including society. Go quickly back to the ancient paths that God has designed for you. Please don't be like the feminists who shout at God, "We will NOT walk in it!" Instead, (1) go home; (2) raise your children; (3) be your husband's help meet; (4) work hard at home and (5) find rest for your souls. This is the recipe for a healthy family and marriage!

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16