Monday, December 14, 2015

The Gift of Wisdom ~ Chapter Five

The world's wisdom is foolishness to God. The world tells you that if your husband is harsh, you don't need to submit to him nor obey him. The world tells us that women can preach the Word in pulpits as well as men can, so the admonition in the Word that commands only men to be pastors, elders and deacons must be outdated. The world laughs at the suggestion that a wife should be her husband's help meet. We are not of the world, nor do we care what the world believes. We are told to seek the Lord and His wisdom so this is what we must do.

If you look at your husband and can't find any reason to want to help him - and I know some of you are married to men like that - then look to Christ and know that it is He who made you to be a help meet.* There is NO perfect husband out there. There is NO husband who loves his wife as Christ loves the church since no husband is perfect. There is no perfect wife either and this is why we must continually seek wisdom from the Lord.

The day you married your husband, you made a covenant with him until death do you part. This covenant is an example to a lost world of Christ and His church. Cherish your marriage. Cherish your role of being a help meet. Always remember that your enemy is Satan and NOT your husband. Fight for your marriage with prayer, the Word and with your godly behavior. Don't ever allow the enemy to tear apart what God ordained!

It was nothing short of divine wisdom that enabled me to understand that destructiveness of taking personal offense when my husband did things that seemed unfair, selfish, or harsh...You can decide to be in a constant state of anger and bitterness, or you can ask God for the wisdom to live each day in a state of honoring your man for God's sake.* Taking personal offense, anger and bitterness will NEVER draw your husband to you or make your marriage better. I don't know why we think it will and continue to use the same tactics over and over again while our marriage slowly deteriorates. {Ken told me this was the definition of insanity!}

You need wisdom to see how feeling sorry for yourself is FAR from the heart of God...God's rules are not there to put you in bondage, but to help you make a man want to cherish, protect and love you.* Self-pity is satanic. It's taking your eyes off of the Lord and putting them on yourself. We are commanded to set our affection on things above, not on things on the earth {Colossians 3:2}. Think how ineffective the Apostle Paul would have been if he felt sorry for himself when he was going through all of his difficulties. No, instead he wrote, For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us {Romans 8:18}.

Obey God, women, by obeying your husbands. Trust that the Creator of the universe has it all under control. He has made your husband your leader so learn to be a godly, submissive follower with a gentle and quiet spirit. It will make your husband's job as leader a whole lot easier and it will, most likely, draw  your husband to you!

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*Quotes taken from the book.