Friday, February 26, 2016

Failing to Appreciate What We Have

We're so good at not appreciating what we have. Women with no children wish they had children. Women with children complain about their children. Women who work full-time wish they could be home full-time. Women who are home full-time complain that their husbands don't help with the children and home enough. Women whose husbands can't find a job complain about their husband's laziness. Women whose husbands work hard complain that their husbands aren't home enough. Do you see why God has commanded us to not complain? Everyone has trials and sufferings. No one will go through life without hard times and difficulties wherever they are in life.

If you can't have children, feel free to grieve since this is very painful for women to endure. However, after a time of grieving, find something productive to do with your life. Involve yourself in some type of ministry, help mothers of young children, teach piano, tutor in math, adopt children or find something that you can use your gifts and talents. God can use you in powerful ways even without children. Look at Mother Teresa and Nancy Leigh DeMoss as examples. Our worth doesn't come from having children; it comes from who we are in Christ.

If you have children, love them and learn to enjoy raising them in the ways of the Lord. "Do the next thing," as Elisabeth Elliot wrote. If your home isn't spotless, it's okay. Teach your children to help with housework and cooking. Those babies will be grown up and gone before you know it so relish the time that you have with them and be thankful. They should grow up with a thankful mother instead of a complaining one. This will make their life one of joy instead of sorrow.

If you have to work full-time, do all you can to be able to be home full-time by praying and giving it to the Lord. Live as simply as you can and try living on your husband's income. In the meantime, however, learn to be content since godliness with contentment is great gain. Be Jesus to those you work with. Use your time in the workplace to share the Gospel with your words and with your life.

If you are home full-time, work hard at home. Keep your home clean and tidy. Shop for nourishing food for your family. Cook things from scratch. Figure out ways to save money and make your home a place of peace and joy. Be hospitable and welcome others into your home. While they are there, make sure you work to make their time a happy one, especially your husband!

If your husband is out of a job, pray and learn to live very simply. Don't waste anything. Don't buy new clothes but enjoy the ones you have. Try to keep a joyful countenance so your husband doesn't get too discouraged. Encourage him consistently since a man's work is usually tied up to his manhood. God created him this way. He is supposed to work hard to provide for his family. Cast your cares upon the Lord for He is your provider and He has it all under control.

If your husband works "too" hard and is rarely home, when he is home, make your home a wonderful place for him to be. Fix his favorite food. Make sure you discipline the children properly so they are a joy to be around for your husband. Working out in the world is tough so he needs a place to come where he can put up his feet and relax. Don't nag him about helping you and about the TV he watches. Love him and appreciate him for working so hard to provide for you and your children.

In conclusion, appreciate where the Lord has given you. Stop complaining for this is sin and self-pity is Satanic. Complaining never accomplishes anything good or productive. It just makes everything worse. Appreciate what the Good Lord has given you for godliness with contentment is GREAT gain!

Do all things without grumbling and disputing.
Philippians 2:14