Thursday, February 4, 2016

When Husbands are Pampered Kings

Men who have wives who stay at home all day taking care of the children and home become "pampered queens" according to this blog writer. Bashing men who work hard and provide for their families by calling them "pampered queens" is completely acceptable in our day and age, plus arguing against women being home full-time since it "not natural" for one parent, namely the woman, to stay at home with young children anymore. Yep, the Bible is no longer relevant for today's women since we live lives so differently than generations in the past. The author states that since we no longer live communally together, the biblical model is no longer credible because "women are limited in their scope and all too often reduced to the proverbial doormat; children are deprived of the necessary range of adult input and child socialization; men have a tendency to become pampered queens prancing about like the 'important' person in the house."

No, what she thinks is "natural" is to go to a job from nine to five every day fighting the traffic to get there; working in a sterile environment with white walls, no kitchen and no family room; being ordered around by someone who isn't your boss and working under a lot of stress and deadlines; wolfing down a pop tart and coffee for breakfast; grabbing a hamburger and fries for lunch at the nearest fast food restaurant; driving through a pizza place on the way home to grab dinner for the family; running to the preschool or after care place to pick up the children; going home, eating dinner, helping the children with homework, doing a bit of housework, kissing your children good night and falling into bed too exhausted to do anything with your husband. Then you wake up to an alarm the next morning and begin all over again.

This is the "natural" life that feminists have fought so hard for. Since homemakers were bored at home, they thought this "natural" life would be so much better. It isn't in any way, shape, or form. It cannot compare to waking up to a crying baby when they are little and having the time to nurse and cuddle your baby; fixing a nutritious breakfast for your husband and children; spending the morning cleaning up, teaching your children to help you and homeschooling them, then eating lunch together in the backyard if the weather is warm enough. After lunch, having a quiet time for everyone in their rooms for an hour or two where the older ones can read and the younger ones can sleep. {Mommy should probably sleep as well.} After this, reading to your children, doing the laundry together, and then preparing dinner together if they are older; greeting your husband happily at the door and having a nutritious dinner together; putting the children to bed early so you can have some quiet and special time with your husband. Your husband then feels like a pampered king as the God-ordained head of the household.

Yes, I exaggerated both sides of the coin to make a point but I'm sure you get the point I am trying to make. The saddest part of this post was in the comment section where the author wrote, "I've seen quite a few Christian wives in this role. None of them seem happy or fulfilled - although they do their best to pretend it's all fine, good and the good God's perfect plan." What's so sad about this is the truth of it. Many Christians live their lives in an unhappy and unjoyful state no matter what they are doing. This is wrong. We should be the most joyful people around recalling all that the Lord has done for us and finding our strength in Him. He commands that we rejoice always; happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord {Psalm 144:15}. 

It's not an option, women. Don't live according to your feelings and emotions since they often lie to you. Instead, be in the Word daily to remind yourself who you are in Christ and all the riches you have in Him. Sing praises to His holy name. Listen to godly teachers and preachers. Fill your mind with only good things. You don't need to listen to all the bad news out there. On days when you're exhausted and the children are sick, "do the next thing" as Elisabeth Elliot wrote, and remind yourself that this will soon pass.

If the world sees homemakers unhappy and complaining in their God-ordained role as wife, mother and homemaker, why should they want to be one? On the other hand, if they see homemakers joyful, smiling and telling others how much they love caring for their husbands, children, and homes, it just may change a few job-weary women's minds. 

You are not a doormat; you are the best person to give adult input to your children and teach them how to get along with others; your husband is not a prancing queen {prancing queens don't work all day to provide for their families} and your life is not unnatural. It's God's will for you. Love your role as wife, mother and homemaker. Happiness is a choice and everyday wake up and chose to be happy. Also, men are already beat up in our society today. Let's not be one of those who do the same but appreciate our husbands who work hard to provide for us. Pamper them as the king of the household for this makes you his queen!

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, 
and to be a joyful mother of children. 
Psalm 113:9

***From Rory from the Joey + Rory Blog: "When we recorded that song {That's Important to Me}, I think some people in music industry thought it was too simple-minded, not cutting edge enough. I felt just the opposite. I believed it was a bold statement – a woman singing about feeding her family a home-cooked meal, staying out of debt, or trying to be the best mother she can be. In a culture that seems to scream ‘more, more’ and ‘faster, faster’… I knew Joey wasn’t just singing about what was important to her, she was singing about what’s important to millions of wives and mothers and girls all around the world." AMEN!