Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sexual Predators Stealing Children's Childhood

Today is not like just ten years ago and much different than 20 years ago. When I went to elementary school, the principal had a paddle in his office and there were very few disobedient children. If there were any, they would get it from the principal. We didn't hear about children being molested, although I am sure it was happening but pornography wasn't at a click of a mouse then. It was difficult to get. Yes, there has always been evil people, but you would have to be blind to see that culture is getting worse.

When I sent my children to the public elementary school, they sang Christian songs at Christmas and they were learning the fundamentals of math, reading, science, etc. They were not taught that children could have two mothers. However, when they were entering junior high, I knew I didn't want them in the junior high since pornography was starting to become more popular. Everyone had computers by this time so it was easy to access. I had heard that most boys were introduced to porn in junior high, so I wanted to protect them from this garbage.

Now, almost everyone has a smart phone and they can get porn at a click of the finger. Porn is no longer considered okay by the professionals. They know its destruction. I will never forget reading comments from men who weren't even believers unable to have intimacy with a normal woman anymore. They were furious with the lies they were told about porn. I hate porn and what it is doing to our country. Way too often women are telling me that their husbands watch it and think nothing of it; not knowing they are giving Satan a strong foothold into their lives.

Children are being sexually abused at higher and higher rates due to the insidiousness of porn. It corrupts the mind, then the man. There are more men going after children now. How are parents supposed to respond to this atrocity? PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN! Make sure they know that no one should touch them in their privates from a very young age. I worry about parents sending their children to any public schools now. Read this frightening story by "Tommy" who was sexually abused by his teacher/preacher. {Warning: It's very difficult to read.}

Our culture is no longer safe for children. What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. God told women to be keepers at home so the Word of God will not be blasphemed and I believe the main reason for this is that God wants children home full-time with their mothers; under their mother's watchful eye and protection. Read to them and teach them math. There are many wonderful programs on the computer you can use for them to learn without them being able to access and roam the Internet.

Be as wise as serpents, women, in regards to your children's safety. You know being a keeper at home is a theme of mine but the Lord commanded I teach it to you, so I will continue to try and reason with whoever will listen. Don't allow sexual predators to steal your children's childhood from them.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, 
as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8