Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where Do You Get Strength From?

Many people are weary these days. They have little strength, the days are long, and they long for more energy. They try finding it in caffeine, drugs, eating healthy, exercise, etc. Not all of these are bad but it is NOT where our strength, true strength comes from. Where does our strength come from?

"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength" {Isaiah 30:15}. Our strength doesn't come from the world. It comes from the Lord and spending time with Him. Laine didn't care much for the things of the Lord. She enjoyed soap operas and disrespecting her husband much more until she almost lost one of her babies. She begged the Lord to save her baby and if He did, she'd spend daily time in the Word.

The Lord did save her baby and she was true to the promise she made to the Lord. We think we need to spend time with the Lord for the Lord's sake but no, we need to spend time with the Lord for our strength. We are in a battle and we need the Lord's strength to fight it since it is a spiritual battle. You'll never have strength needed if you don't spend daily time at the feet of the Lord like Mary did.

Too many of us try to be Marthas and do everything in our own strength. We're so busy that we don't think that we have time to spend daily in God's Word. The only way that we are transformed into the likeness of Jesus is to renew our mind with God's Truth. Mothers who truly want to be patient and godly mothers know that it is essential to spend time with Jesus. For the Lord is our strength, not our own ability or trying harder.

Yes, we are called to do good works but please, make it a priority in your life to know God's Word. It changes you. You look at things so much differently. You gain a heavenly perspective on life. Learn what having a meek and quiet spirit looks like and pursue it. It is the very most important thing that you can do. Wipe Jesus' feet with your life. Love Him. Live for Him. Spend time getting to KNOW Him.