Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Most Valuable Wisdom for Wives

Men thrive on praise. Your verbal compliments and sincere appreciation are like gasoline in a race car. Your praise keeps him racing for you.

Never tell him how to drive. Just wear your seat belt and whisper a prayer if you are afraid of his driving. Men absolutely hate to be told how to drive.

Your motherhood cape...You need to leave it at the door of your bedroom. Remember, you married your husband before you had kids. He needs you to be his lover in the bedroom. Don't ever let him feel like he's last place. His reach for you is important. Your response to his reach even more so. He connects with you emotionally when he connects with your body. Don't let this area in your marriage be neglected.

A woman of honor does not need to correct her man. Don't correct him. 
He's not your child. He's a man.

Your reaction when he walks in the door is so important. Your warm smile and light in your eyes is his greatest welcome. Put everything down to greet him. You should always be his greatest hello.

Chaos and clutter are not pleasant for a man in his castle. 
A man likes to come home to a clutter free environment

Whatever he provides for you; a house, car, gifts, etc. appreciate and don't take his efforts for granted. Whatever you do- don't complain and nag. It's like arrows piercing his heart. A man's identity is often felt by his work and how he provides for his family. This is a natural instinct. Men are wired this way. Don't put down his job or what he provides you with.

The Holy Spirit never needs a wife's help in speaking and convicting her husband's heart. Your job is to pray and let God do the work.

 A moment of dishonor can cause great damage. Even if he laughs it off or doesn't say he's hurt; trust me, disrespect and dishonor hurt him more than he tells you. Your honor keeps his heart open for you.

Never talk about his weaknesses to others. It's called respect. 
You represent your husband. speak well of him or not at all.

Your "Not tonights" are huge rejections to a man. Let there be very few of these. If he's reaching, you're blessed. When's he not reaching for you, then there's something wrong in your relationship.

Your looks do matter. Women often say, "My husband loves me just the way I am." This is true. And he won't tell you because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings but honestly, he wishes you would dress and try to be your best for him. Many wives let themselves go and get stuck in a frump girl slump. Men are visual. Just being honest, a wife should be her best. You dressed nice and put make up on to impress him when you were dating. He still deserves this.

A man will share and open up when he feels safe to do so. Keep your love nest with no thorns. Don't tell him how to feel or criticize him when he's being vulnerable with you. A man needs a soft place to land. Your warmth and non-judgmental approach offers him this.

Every man has a little boy in him. God made men this way. Don't forget to sometimes play, flirt, and laugh with your man. Men connect with women who can relax with them. Don't take every moment of the day too seriously.

Respect to a man is the same as romance is to a woman. Men feel loved when they are respected. Your respect is what he desires; more than your romantic gestures.

When the world is against him, always be present and by his side. 
Your loyalty is everything to him.

Don't try to correct in him in how to be a spiritual leader. Let him become a leader by trial and error. God will raise him up. Yes, its scary being in the back seat, but there can't be two drivers at the same time. Let him lead the prayers at the dinner table. Let him suggest the devotions. Let him lead. God will honor you for this. Your husband will make mistakes; extend grace.

He needs your prayers when he's in battle. Be his best prayer partner. 
A praying woman is a strength to him.

A man who loves his wife will do just about anything to please her...and a good woman will never take advantage of this. Appreciate and value what you have...Because you never know when it could be lost or stolen. ~ with permission by Ruby Wives, Jenny Williams.

Her children rise up and bless her;
Her husband also, and he praises her, saying:

“Many daughters have done nobly,
But you excel them all.”
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,
But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 31:28-30
photo source