Thursday, June 2, 2011

Difficult Teenagers

Most parents go through periods in their lives when they have problems with their teenagers, even if they are good kids.  When I went through those times with my children, I wish I would have handled it differently~ 

I wish I would have never argued with them. 

I wish I just stated my case simply and when they didn't follow through, there would be consequences which were clearly stated. 

If they completely disagreed with my stated case, I wish we would have just been able to sit down and reason together without getting angry.

I wish I continued to smile at them and be joyful with them, even when they were difficult. 

I wish I gave them big hugs often, you know, just kept heaping burning coals upon their heads by loving them through my actions.

These are the things I wish I did differently.  I think there would have been a lot less stress and I would have drawn them towards me, instead of away from me.  I think God's principles would have even worked with teenagers...Imagine that!