Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healing Whiplash and Neck Pain with Frozen Peas

For one and a half years, I was literally flat on my back.  I had a disc in the middle of my neck that was pushing into my spinal cord.  It was extremely painful.  I had burning pain and weakness all over my body down to my feet.  I was in a bad car accident when I was younger,; smashed between two semis and had double whiplash.  From then on, I had lots of problems with my neck, headaches and pain down my back. 

One day in August, several years ago, I could hardly walk and that is when an MRI revealed the extent of injury to my neck.  I had my neck fused, which wasn't fun but I had no other option.  Even eight months after surgery, I was in tremendous pain still flat on my back.  I decided I must have inflammation in my neck from the disc being on my spinal cord so long.  I started studying the Internet and found this site ~ Tendinitis Expert

I followed the advice for a whole month;  icing my neck 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off all day long every day and messaging the sore parts.  I use frozen bags of peas or corn.  In between icing, I would wiggle my neck all around to loosen up the muscles and scar tissue.   After one month, I got out of bed and have pretty much stayed out of bed unless I injure it again by lifting something heavy or trying new exercises.  If I injure it again, I just start doing the same thing and in several days it is better. 

After neck surgery, I had extremely painful tendinitis in my shoulder so I started icing it a ton and messaging all the tender places.  Within several weeks it was better.  Now it is completely fine.  Whenever I pull a muscle in my back, I just start icing it 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off and in a day or so I am fine. 

It works for almost everything.  I broke my arm last year and just keep dunking it in a sink full of ice water and within several weeks it was well.  So I encourage you to look at this website if you have any tendinitis or muscle pain and try it.  It has worked for many people that I have told.  Ice may become your best friend also!