Monday, June 2, 2014

Desiring An Intimate And Passionate Marriage

Most women deeply desire an intimate marriage full of passion, romance, and emotional connection. However, few realize that they are the one keeping their marriage from all these wonderful things.

Trying to control, manipulate, nag, and criticizing your husband produces the complete opposite type of marriage most women desire. When women treat their husbands like this, their husbands feel emasculated and like a child. They are being treated with no respect or honor. A husband will NEVER be drawn to a wife who treats him this way.

In order to have an intimate marriage with your husband, you must give up all control of your husband. You must allow him to make mistakes and say the wrong things without correcting his behavior. He is not your child. God made him your leader and calls you to respect him. This is the greatest need a husband has from his wife.

Why do we want to control our husband's behavior so badly? Is it really because we are so much wiser and intelligent than them? I think it all comes down to fear and trust but mostly selfishness. We fear if we let him eat what he wants, he will kill himself. If we let him discipline our sons the way he wants, our sons will grow up rebellious and injured. If we don't tell him how to do the dishes, the dishes may stay dirty and not get done the way we like. If we don't make him stop watching television, he may become an addict. If he watches the stock market, he may lose all our money. etc. etc.

Bottom line, we don't trust our husbands and we want our own way. As long as you don't trust your husband, you are going to try to control his behavior and you will NEVER have an intimate marriage. NEVER. Men don't want to be controlled by their wives. They aren't suppose to be controlled by their wives. You will never have a romantic and passionate husband as long as you try to control your husband with your words, emotions, or behavior.

Therefore, as an older woman, I encourage and admonish you to stop controlling your husband in ANY way. Allow him to make mistakes and learn from them. Only say encouraging and uplifting things to him. Build him up. Smile at him often and I can guarantee you that you are on your way to having an intimate, romantic, and passionate marriage. God knew this and this is why He commanded me to teach you to love and obey your husband. Now, go love your husband!

My lover is mine, and I am his.
Song Of Solomon 2:16