Monday, June 9, 2014

The Law Of Kindness Found Her Tongue!

An inspiring letter from one of my readers ~

Hi Lori!

I just had to share with you how much your post on 
impacted me.  I saw your few posts on Facebook about never saying anything negative or criticizing to your husband, and my first thought was--I could not do that!  But, I made it a challenge for a day to do that.  

First day--made it almost to the end and then failed.  The next three days, it happened!  Can I share with you what a difference it made!  I am in a state of elated shock.  There is so much more smiles, playful banter, close conversation--truly a much more loving relationship.  

I realized that I would never treat a friend of mine the way I treat my husband, and every time something negative comes out, I'm starting to sense the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  So, the days I've said the negative thing--the change in our relationship is obvious.  Each day is a new day to let the law of kindness be on my tongue.  All these years...this was the one thing that would make the difference?  

I had asked you before about mentoring a woman who needs help with her marriage.  It has been encouraging.  I've been involved in discipleship, but honestly felt out of my league with helping someone in their marriage when my own has been such a challenge.  It has spurred me on to being a better wife.  We're in the journey together.  

We started reading Debi Pearl's book together and it is resonating with her.  I've read the book before, and it has helped me.  I've shared the post {from above} with her, and am seeing so much positive in her life.  I want to continue to guide her to the Lord for her strength and help, not just books or other people, but she's also feeling the weight of trying to manage it all--working, marriage, raising children.  

Thank you for daily encouragement to be a better wife, mother and woman.   I appreciate that you take the Created to be His Help Meet book to a daily, and very practical level.

Yes, learning to not try to control, correct, or change Ken in any way has been the key actually to having an amazing, romantic marriage. I knew I wasn't suppose to be his Holy Spirit but when I figured out that it meant I wasn't suppose to try to control him AT ALL, it was as if the lights finally when on and we were able to have the marriage I always dreamed of having.

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; 
and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
Proverbs 31:26