Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Journey To Only Wearing Dresses

The other Saturday, I decided to only wear dresses and skirts from now on. I had read one woman's blog who decided to do this and it made a lot of sense. In the winter, she wears leggings and other things under her skirts to stay warm. She feels much more feminine wearing them and men even seem to treat her with more respect. Sounded good to me! Besides, the Duggars only wear skirts and they seem happy in them! I mentioned it to Ken and he said it was fine with him but he didn't want me wearing skirts to the floor, just to my knees.

My skin isn't looking so good anymore. My best friend was out here recently and she described her skin as looking like crepe paper. I agreed. Ugh...growing older and WAY too much time out in the sun. {If you are younger, my suggestion to you is to not lay in the sun a lot. My backside looks great since it hasn't seen much sun compared to my front side. The sun really does do a number on your skin, but I sure don't recommend sunscreen filled with toxic chemicals. Go with hats, instead, and not being out during the hottest time of the day.} Okay, I got off track, now where was I? Oh, yeah, my wearing only skirts adventure.

So that Saturday, I spent the day looking on my computer at eBay, Macy's, Target, etc.; all the places where I thought I could buy skirts. I don't have that many skirts, maybe three that I could wear comfortably every day. I couldn't find any that I liked, so I thought I would go to Marshalls next week and look around.

The next day, I woke up and put on a skirt for church. {I always wear dresses and skirts to church.} I wore it around the house all day long and even for a graduation party that evening which my sister, Debbi, gave for her two children, Julia and Bradley. Ken and I did go on a walk before the graduation party and I quickly changed into shorts for the walk. {I decided I didn't want to walk in skirts.}

During the walk, I told Ken the real reason I decided to wear skirts was because my skin looked so bad. He told me it didn't at all. {A benefit to growing older is your eyesight isn't so good, which is a very good thing as you age and you are with the same man for many years!}

The next day, I woke up and put on shorts...I like my shorts. They aren't short shorts. I am very comfortable in them. I have a lot of them.  However, I think I will begin wearing dresses and skirts more often when I leave my home, especially since the weather is warmer.

So my journey into wearing dresses "only" lasted one day. Oh well, as long as Ken is happy with my aging skin and doesn't mind if I wear skirts or shorts, I guess I will stick with shorts at home for now. I guess I am just not really convicted about it at this time. What is your journey with dresses? Have you been convicted about only wearing them? To me, this isn't a sin issue, but an issue of conviction.

For why should another man's scruples apply to me 
and my liberty of action be determined by his conscience?
I Corinthians 10:29