Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Should Mothers Play With Their Children?

On several of my posts that I write about keeping a clean home, the discussion of mothers playing with their children always comes up. For some reason either a mother can keep a clean home or she can play with her children, but she can't do both. I heartily disagree!

My mother never played with me but she was always there. She took very good care of us, fed us good food, kept our home clean, and took us places. I was pretty sick when I was raising my children so I didn't play with them much but I did read to them, fed them good food, and I was always there for them.

Some women believe that mothers must play with their children. I don't agree with them. I think it is great if they do but a mother is not a bad mother if she doesn't play with her children. My mom was a great mother. I don't want those of you who don't play with your children or only play with them a little bit to feel guilty, for the Bible says, "She looks well to the ways of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness"{Proverbs 31:27}. 

I believe a mother can play with her children and keep her home orderly. No, it doesn't need to be spotless, but part of being a "keeper at home" should be keeping your home clean and orderly. Emma is with me almost every Saturday night while Ryan and Erin go out on a date. She wants to help me do everything. She is at the perfect age to begin teaching her how to clean.

Do you know it only takes five minutes to empty a dishwasher? I organized my bathroom medicine cabinet and under the sink and it only took 20 minutes. It doesn't take that much time or energy to keep your home clean. My best friend, Sandy, has a spotless home. She cleans as she goes but she always puts people {including her children} ahead of cleaning. It is simply a habit for her. If she sees something dirty, she cleans it. I don't think she has a lazy bone in her body!

Now, if you are sick or in some way disabled, it is more difficult. You just do the best you can do and pray for help. If you have raised your children to clean, they can help when you are ill. Usually husbands will help pick up the slack also. If you have parents and/or siblings nearby that can help, that is an added blessing. 

Most everything in our life comes down to self-control and priorities. If you desire to have a clean home and play with your children, you can. You may have to quit running around so much or stop reading the computer, but if you desire a clean home and playtime with your children, organize your life so you can accomplish this. Realize that the Holy Spirit lives inside of you and one of the fruits is self-control. Begin to believe that and instead of saying, "I am too lazy. I am not a good house keeper," begin to say "I have the strength and discipline to keep a tidy home, therefore, I am going to train myself to do it!" For with God, all things are possible!

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. 
I Corinthians 14:33