Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Sexist Question: How Do You Balance Work and Family?

Jennifer Garner {a famous movie actress} believes this question is sexist. Many people ask her how she balances work and family. No one ever asks her husband this question even though they have the same family and same job. She doesn't think this is fair at all. What do you think?

It is amazing that many years after the feminist movement and the majority of mothers working outside of the home that this question is still asked to women and not men. Why? Because women will always be the one whose primary responsibility is the home, no matter how hard they try to have the same roles as men.

The majority of men will never be able to make a home like a woman does and men will never be able to have babies. Some things are inherited because of our sex, not what society is trying to make "fair." Women will always be the ones where babies are grown in and then nurse at the breast. Men can never take this job. Women will always have more of the nesting instinct than men and men will be the ones more apt to shoulder the responsibility of providing.

I don't care what century you live in or what society you grow up in, women will always be the ones bearing, nursing, and making a home for their babies. It is their God-given instinct. When a child is sick, they are the ones who will instinctively want to be home with them. They can multitask and do many things at one time. They are the ones best suited to be at home and raise children.

I have had friends divorce their husbands because their husbands gave the children cheerios for dinner and put them to bed in their regular clothes! They will usually forget to bathe them too. Most of them just don't have the "home" instinct that women have and when women are asked how they juggle work and family, they will usually admit to feeling guilty since they know that running a home and raising children are primarily their role no matter how feminized our society becomes.

A man buys a house. His wife makes it a home. A man gives his name to his wife. She, if the Lord wills, gives him children with his name. Your worth is above rubies, dear women. NEVER let anyone convince you otherwise. This is the way it has been since time began and NOTHING feminist try to do will ever change this.

Can a woman forget her nursing child 
And have no compassion on the son of her womb? 
Isaiah 49:15