Friday, October 31, 2014

Are You a Feminist or Feminine?

Taylor Swift was on a talk show this week. I like Taylor so I watched it. In the interview, she stated that she loves feminism. She said its allowed women to be strong, powerful and independent {or something like this}. Feminists demand to be heard. They demand their rights. Taylor Swift is a feminist and proud of it.  Let’s analyze this for a minute since many in our society today think these are important qualities for women to develop, even Christian women. Does God want us to be strong, powerful and independent? Are these qualities He cherishes?

First of all, what does being feminine look like according to the Bible? It is having a gentle and quiet spirit. It does not demand being heard or being right. It is not quarrelsome or argumentative. It is allowing our husbands to lead and respecting them. It is finding our strength in the Lord and not in ourselves or our accomplishments. It is being dependent upon the Lord and His will for our lives. It is not concerned with being powerful or making a name for ourselves. The only name we want to make for ourselves is being known as a lover of Jesus and others. God wants women to be feminine. He wants us to dress modestly and act femininely. We should be known for our good works of serving others {I Timothy 5:10}.

Ken’s mother was feminine. She was always joyful and singing. When her husband scolded her, she quickly went to him and asked him for forgiveness. She was a wise woman who took rebuke. Ken NEVER heard her say one cross word to his father or be angry with him. She often would jump on his lap hugging and kissing him. She honored her husband as head of the home. She loved deeply and forgave freely.

Most of us have been tainted by the feminist movement. It is deep in our core. It is in the air we breathe! We want to be in control. We want to be right. We want our way. We want to be independent from our husbands and not allow them to tell us when we are wrong or confront us. {At least, I am this way. Maybe many of you are not.}

Many marriages are in shambles today because of the feminist influence. Many husbands have no control over their wives. They feel helpless to lead and therefore become passive. The wives are strong and want their own way, eventually going off and doing their own thing. We must be able to see this clearly and call it what it is, SIN.

Some women have a much easier time being feminine and soft. They have a gentle and serving personality. They are the golden retrievers among us. For some of us strong personalities {lions}, however, it is much more difficult. We must not look to our society and what is politically correct to decide how we should dress or behave. We need to look into the Word of God and find out how God defines femininity.

Study I Peter 3:1-6 to find out God’s definition of femininity or I Timothy 5:5-14. Even Proverbs 31 gives many indications of how God defines a feminine woman.

Let it be the hidden person of the heart, 
with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, 
which is precious in the sight of God. 
I Peter 3:4