Saturday, October 25, 2014

An Emotional Afterthought to His Father

Dennis Prager is a radio personality. I use to listen to him a lot, but I don't anymore. With all my health problems and what is going on in the world, I am no longer too interested in news items that I have no control over. I prefer to minister to young women, read godly blogs and books, and watch a few decent television shows like Home and Family on Hallmark.

 Dennis is a practicing Jew. He loves and supports Christians fully, realizing their benefit to society. He defends Christianity and our values. I admire him and agree with most of his views. Dennis Prager's dad just died. He was 96 years old. He recently wrote a touching tribute to his dad. My favorite paragraph was this one ~

My father loved my mother. He loved her more than anyone or anything in life. They were married for 69 years, together for 73. Growing up, my brother and I were largely emotional afterthoughts in my father’s life. Emotionally speaking, we were tenants in our parents’ house. That is why, as I said above, it was a blessing that our parents lived so long. They had all those years to express more love.

No wonder Dennis can spend a whole hour every week discussing happiness. He always tells us he is naturally a happy person. He was raised in a HAPPY home! This makes it very easy to grow up happy. Not many children could write those words about their father or mother. However, the greatest gift you can give your children is to love your husband, I mean, really love him. The children should be able to easily see your love for him by the way you speak to him, touch him, respect him, submit to him, and try to please him. This is the greatest security and chance for being happy that you can give your children.

Most mothers say they are doing everything for the sake of their children, even divorcing their father. I have heard women saying this! They put their children way above their husband and this always leads to strife. God told older women to teach young women to love their husband and then love their children. He knows how important this is for the health of the children.

Love your husband! Put him ahead of your children and you will be doing the best thing for them. They will be in a home bathed in love, a secure home, and a happy home.

Let your fountain be blessed: 
and rejoice with the wife of your youth.
Proverbs 5:18