Monday, October 6, 2014

Heartbreak at the Divorce Hotel

This is the saddest thing to watch. The divorce of a couple who should NOT be getting a divorce. This Divorce Hotel, a place where couples go to get divorced in three days, is designed to make divorce easier and cheaper. Divorce is never easy or cheap.

This couple has four beautiful children. At dinner time, they sit around the dinner table, hold hands and pray. It definitely looks like they are believers. When asked why the woman is divorcing her husband {Yes, the majority of divorces are being sought by women}, she explained that her husband worked too much and was married to his job. On a clip I had seen earlier in the day, she said she just wasn't "happy" anymore.

Throughout the whole clip, you want to cry for the husband. He is grief-stricken and does not want a divorce. He said he tried to make things better for his wife but he guessed it must not have been enough. Did she go to Christian counselors? Did she seek out a godly older woman who would have told her NOT to divorce her husband but to keep her vows and LOVE him?

She gets to be home full-time with her children. She drives a large truck that has a $35,000 debt on it. He wants to sell it. She refuses to {You can see who wears the pants in the home}, so she decides she will keep it and find a job to pay for it! 

I can't stand this!!! They should NOT be getting a divorce. She needs to love on her husband. He is a very good man. The reporter even asked her, "There's got to be more to this story. Was there an affair or something like it?" because no one could understand why this woman would be divorcing her husband. They are probably even Christians!!!

The whole thing makes me want to cry. She is divorcing her husband and destroying her family since she isn't "happy." Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands {Proverbs 14:1). She, my friends, is a very foolish woman.

You can watch the full episode HERE and see for yourself that I am not 
making up this tragic situation which seems to be all too common.