Saturday, July 30, 2016

How Media Sells Discontent

Guest Post by Donna Martin
Myrna Blyth is the New York Times bestselling author of Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness -- and Liberalism -- to the Women of America. It was a book that really made people think about how much media bias was aimed at women and what was the effect of such bias. For more than twenty years, Myrna Blyth was Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director of Ladies’ Home Journal. She sold women "a career in exactly the same drum banging way that the Happy Homemaker had been sold to their mothers."

As you well know, the media is run by the world system, and the world follows Satan's agenda. When you watch or read the media from the world system, it can be easy to get sucked into the its vortex. The following messages were conveyed by Blythe during her career. See if you recognize these media-sent messages.

1. Men can no longer be trusted. Using the Lifetime Network as an example, Blyth concluded "all men are 1) unfaithful rats, 2) abusive monsters, 3) dishonest, or 4) all of the above. Women on the other hand were...flinty achievers who triumph, despite the cavemen who want to keep them in their place."  

2. Women are victims by virtue of their sex. Blyth said the media sends "one message loud and clear. Because we are women, we remain victims in our private lives, at work, in society as a whole." Thus women must have a sense of grievance, entitlement and rebellion.

3. Women should be selfish. "Liberation and narcissism have merged," Blyth said. Leisure now means, "time for yourself, spent alone, or perhaps with one's girlfriends but definitely without spouse and kids...Endless articles preached the new feminist gospel, that indulging yourself is an important part of being a healthy, well adjusted woman."

4. Sex is not reserved for love and marriage. Magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan  urge young women to "put out on their first date,"ogle men openly" and be an athlete in bed. There is no discussion of marriage or family. Such women can't trust a man enough to surrender themselves in love.

5. Self-fulfillment lies in career success and not husband and family. "The social rewards of holding down a job are critical to one's sense of dignity and self worth," Betty Friedan pontificated. In fact, "most work is deeply ordinary," Blyth observes.

Thus many women are pulled in two directions, as they attempt to reconcile their natural instincts with constant exhortations to do the opposite. As time passes, the wreckage -- broken families and dysfunctional children -- is scattered everywhere.

At the same time, Playboy Magazine created a revolution aimed at men with a very similar message. Men's magazines and programs focused on the ill-informed message that you don’t need to get married to have sex, or live together. Marriage and children are a bore.

Our children are being told that rebellion and disrespect for adults is normal, dressing immodestly is in style, and sex amongst teenagers and unmarried are acceptable. The message that "it's okay to be gay" is also widespread.

Do you ever have the sense that we're living in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah? Rebellion to everything that the Bible says is natural and conducive to happiness, is the order of the day. Like the one they are loyal to, Satan, they wish to play God.

Just as the Lord Jesus loves us and assures that we are protected and cared for daily, His love can be seen in a woman's dedication to her husband and children. It can be seen by the faithful care she takes in preparing meals, doing the laundry, and keeping her home clean and organized. Just as our Lord has given us a firm foundation, we can provide the security of a firm foundation for our children by being there for them when they need us. Satan has created a fangled web in which to live, but our homes and lives can be a demonstration of what is good and right in this world - even if that means shutting out the world.

Wherefore come out from among them, 
and be ye separate, saith the Lord, 
and touch not the unclean thing
and I will receive you.
2 Corinthians 6:17