Friday, July 8, 2016

Will You Come Home and Trust God?

 Many women who work full-time tell me there is no possible way they can come home and be a stay-at-home mother. They wouldn't be able to make ends meet on just their husband's income. Here is one woman who makes it work ~

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost five years now. We have three children with the youngest being four years old. I have had people ask me constantly when I am going back to work or if I will go back when our daughter starts kindergarten. Our answer is,  "No I won't be going back." 

When my husband and I first got married we were kids ourselves, ages eighteen and twenty years old with a baby. We both worked to put food on the table. Our marriage started to crumble because I didn't trust him to do enough to provide and I was working as many hours as I could to make sure the bills were paid. Eventually, our marriage was falling apart and it wasn't until after that God gave me a clear picture that I trust Him enough to provide for our family without me working outside of the home. 

It took quite a few years, but we took the leap of faith and we watched God provide at every turn. He provided my husband with his dream career which provides for us. We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we are comfortable and provided for. Women ask me all the time, "What if your husband leaves you?" I'm not worried about this happening. My husband and I have been together since we were kids. 

Our marriage is planted in the Word of God. People ask me, "What if your husband dies?" My husband has done the responsible thing and has taken out enough life insurance so that in the event something happens to him, the kids and I are not out in the cold and I can continue being there for our children. 

Is staying home always easy? No. My husband works multiple jobs to make sure that we are provided for. It is however, worth it. In letting my husband provide, I have seen his confidence flourish over the last few years and I have seen him go after opportunities because he wants to make us proud. He wants to be a good provider.

God tells us in His Word that none of His commands are burdensome {1 John 5:3}. We are told He owns the cattle on a thousand hills {Psalm 50:10}. He reminds us that nothing is impossible with Him {Luke 1:37} and that He does more than we can ever hope or imagine {Ephesians 3:20}. Are you willing to take God at His Word, trust Him, and obey Him? Are you willing to take a leap of faith?

There are many adjustments in your life that you can do to make this happen for you. Live in a smaller home. Fix food from scratch. Make your own cleaning products. Hang your laundry. Don't eat out {you have no idea what they are putting in your food any ways}. Vacation at home. Color your own hair and do your own nails, if you do this. Buy used clothing and wear it until it is used up. Buy furniture on Craigslist. Live simply and godly. Be in the Word and in prayer daily. Love Jesus and make Him the Lord of your life and home.

For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37