Monday, July 4, 2011

Homemakers Are Indispensable!

If women choose not to do this very special job (homemaking),
it will simply not get done,
the mothering, the nurturing, the comforting and caring
that fills the committed homemaker's day
will simply be lost, and society will be impoverished.
Children will not get the spiritual guidance they need. 
Lonely teenagers will not be listened to.
Many people with problems will not be ministered to,
many sick folk will go unvisited.
A special human quality will disappear from our culture.

Women can give up their jobs
as clerks, engineers, sales people, doctors - -
other people will step in
and the world will go on as smoothly as before.
It will be business as usual.
The groceries will still be sold,
trucks loaded with merchandise will still roll across our highway,
and Wall Street will carry on.

Not so with homemaking.
Homemakers are the special people into whose hands
the country and the world have been entrusted.
When women leave this job the world does not go on as before.
It falters and begins to lose its way.
Homemakers are indispensable!

Author Unknown