Monday, July 18, 2011

Loving Life!

Do you want to love life and see good days?  Do you believe God keeps His promises?  I wholeheartedly believe that He keeps His promises and I LOVE this one ~

"Let him who means to love life and see good peace and pursue it..."  I Peter 3:10,11

So this is order to enjoy life and see good days, you need to be a peacemaker.  The first place to start is in your home.  Would others describe your home as peaceful?  Do you strive to be at peace with your husband and your children?

We just returned from spending two weeks in Door County, Wisconsin.  We go there every summer.  My whole family went, except for Alyssa and Jon.  He just started a new job and they recently moved.  We were all in my mom's cabin, with my mom, for two whole weeks.  There was not one cross word or argument the entire time. 

I was pondering this as we were coming home.  It was wonderful!  We laughed, talked, ate a lot of great food, and just enjoyed being together.  This is a first for Ken and me.  We are in love with each other now and treat each other with kindness and respect.    I am loving life and seeing good days....God keeps His promises...

P.S.  Writing this blog has been such a blessing to me.  The Bible says that teachers are going to be held to a higher standard.  God doesn't want hypocrites.  If you teach His Word, He wants you to obey it.  So whenever I am tempted to fall back into bad habits (sins), I remember what I have written and it keeps me accountable.  I know I can, because of Who lives inside of me and so can you!

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