Friday, July 1, 2011

Accept Him As He Is!

Erin thinks Ryan is perfect!  She's been married to him for over a year, so I know she knows all of his faults but she doesn't let that keep her from thinking he's perfect and loving him the way that he is!

"A good marriage is good because one or both of them have learned to overlook the other's faults, to love the other as he or she is and to not attempt to change the other or bring him or her to repentance."  Debi Pearl

When you try to improve your husband, you reveal a serious flaw in your character, the fault of self-righteousness.  You indicate that you consider yourself better than he.  Helen Andelin

Every single woman I have mentored wants to change their husband...Every single one!  I will meet them and spend some time with them the first time just getting to know them.  Usually they are very sweet and kind women.  Later, they will tell me of habits or behavior they don't like about their husbands. They get in big arguments about them.  I encourage them to try and accept them just the way that they are, because we don't have the ability to change them without damaging the relationship.

Really learning to accept your spouse just the way he or she is isn't easy.  It takes a determined effort to overlook their faults, but we have faults also.  We are all human.  After 30 years of marriage, there are still things I'd love to change about Ken, but I have to remind myself that it isn't my job to do that.  I have to let him be who he is even if I don't like it.  I sure want him and others to accept me the way I am. 

Treating others the way you want to be treated is a very important command in the Bible.  Let God convict and change your spouse.  He does a much better job and remember that ~

"...a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping."  Proverbs 19:13