Monday, August 12, 2013

Are Men Pigs For Wanting Sex on Family Vacations?

On a blog post recently, there was a discussion about family vacations and sex. The author of the blog (a female) thought that if a family is going on a vacation together such as camping, one needs to forgo sex since the whole family will be sleeping in the same room or tent. Boy, did this get a lot of interesting discussion in the comment section. I am going to publish some of the comments for you.

"Sex is what recharges my batteries. Sex is what makes me feel alive, loved, cared for, respected...I could go on, but I just got the feeling that what I looked forward to on a vacation did not matter at all to the author of this article.  ...but really half an hour out of 24 and you can't prioritize your husband? It just didn't sit well.

"As far as the whole same room thing and the negative responses, you all need to find a way to be much more creative. Ninety percent of the time there is a way to have sex if it's important enough to you. Yes, it takes thought, planning and a dash of daring but again if you put in the thought and planning, the children will never know. I will just state that I would be absolutely devastated if my wife took this approach (not having little to no sex on family vacations). And I'm going to go kiss her right now and tell her how awesome she is because she doesn't."(Robert)

"Also to the man who said 75 percent of the reason he goes on vacation is for sex, that's really sad.  I go on trips with my family to get away from the everyday, enjoy a new piece of this world, learn something new, enjoy my family and many more reasons.  But sex is not the reason for a family vacation!" (Charyse - This is how most women responded.)

"Let me say, I give my life and lay down my life every day for my wife and children. I spend hours with my children everyday. If I'm not at work providing for my family, I'm with them and I talk with my wife everyday. Why is it so bad of me to want to have sex with my wife in Yellowstone? Or under the wide open Arizona sky where God paints the sky?  I have self control everyday. I don't spend money on me. I don't look at other women. I don't waste time I should spend with my family.  They get my life, my thoughts, my sweat and blood. Why is it wrong of me to want to do the thing I enjoy most on this earth when I,too, am on vacation?" (Robert)

"So all this is to say that whether at home or on vacation, sex should be a regular part of our married lives! Now, I will say that we have sex ALL the time, anywhere. We went on a cruise last year and took our two daughters, three and eight.  Now everyone knows how small those rooms are. However, we used the darkness and made sure they were sleeping to get our sexcapades on. We just had to be more quiet than normal" (TC).

"Bathrooms at a hotel or relative's house, family shower rooms at campgrounds, fun under a blanket in the dark by the camp fire after the little kids are in bed, etc.  If it doesn't work out, fine. But my husband feels loved every time I try or even think of a way to try" (Amber).

"Sex is important to her husband, so Amber tries to find fun and creative ways to make her husband feel loved. Amber understands her husband, and instead of trying to change him or make him 'behave,' she embraces who he is and what he needs and she tries to make him feel loved whenever possible. In short, if more wives approached sex with Amber's attitude, the divorce rate would plummet. God bless Amber" (Mark).

Many of the women commenting thought most men are pigs for having the viewpoints of Robert and Mark. They feel they should be able to go on a family vacation and not think about sex. Most men couldn't think about going on a vacation without having lots of intimacy with their wives. They are synonymous to men and there are ways to be creative and discreet when on family vacations. Most men work their tails off for their families! They are nothing close to being a pig. They are simply men who enjoy sexually intimacy with their wives and there's nothing wrong with that!

Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, 
so that you may devote yourselves to prayer, 
and come together again so that Satan 
will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.
I Corinthians 7:5

***Notice this verse doesn't include family vacations as an excuse to withhold sex from your husband!  One of my readers pointed out that in the olden days, most families had to live in one bedroom homes.  The same goes for many poor countries.  Are the husbands never supposed to get sex in these situations?