Friday, August 30, 2013

Tumor Treatment Update

We had our first of three consultations with Radiologist Oncologists.  The first one was at USC since this was where I've had both of my brain surgeries.  He wants to use the Cyber Knife on me.  He said it will kill my pituitary since it shares the same room with my tumor and the treatment will probably harm my vision.  I will need to go on hormone replacement therapy and get stronger glasses.

I will need another MRI, Cat Scan, and then five treatments of the Cyber Knife spaced out every other day.  We still have an appointment in La Jolla and Loma Linda.  Loma Linda uses Proton Therapy  so we will wait until all three appointments to make a decision.

My prayer requests are for protection of my pituitary and optic nerve.  He said there is an 80% chance that the tumor will not reoccur for ten to twenty years, maybe never.  Please God, make it never!  So this is where we are now.  My neurosurgeon would like to see me have treatment within the month.  The proximity of the tumor to the optic nerve is their greatest concern.

Thank you for all your prayers!  God is very good.

Praise the lord, oh my soul, 
and forget not all His benefits.
Who forgives all your iniquities; 
who heals all your diseases.
Psalms 103:3