Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Don't They Teach This In Sex Education???

In the public schools, they teach in order to prevent STDs you should use condoms.  They make a quick reference to abstinence but don't think most will abstain.  They are teaching lies.  If you give children powerful reasons to abstain and that condoms don't protect against STDs, they just might listen.

I have been reading The 30-Day Love Detox by Dr. Wendy Walsh. She is a single mother raising two children.  She has seen the devastation the hookup culture has been to women.  She makes a powerful case for abstinence.  Here are some of her quotes ~

As the hook-up culture has burgeoned, female mental health problems have, too.  In the past 15 years, depression rates in women have doubled and female suicide has tripled.

Healthy relationships aren't only beneficial to women.  Men benefit too, Long-term couples live longer,  have better health, and accumulate more wealth.

In our anxiety to attach or avoid attachment, we're running around using dating and sex as a drug.  At a loss to identify what true feminine sexual freedom really means, many women have adopted a male model of sexuality.

One sexuality researcher I spoke with apologized for sounding conservative when he told me that separating babies from sex and sex from marriage has made men a whole lot happier than women.

Your more adventurous girlfriends are spoiling your future boyfriend with frisky texts, e-mailed naked photos, and free sex.

Most women are living with the fantasy that they can behave exactly like men in their twenties and then sometime in their thirties, when they're ready they'll find a comfy, stable dude to settle down with who'll be a big provider.  They think this while they re training men to do the exact opposite.

One of the most dangerous places in America today is living in a home with a nonbiologically related male.

Why would women join a hookup culture that's dangerous for their mental and physical health and their reproductive success?

Dressing overly sexy and having sex too soon thwarts the chances for real love.

Marriage may not be for everyone, but at this turning point in our culture, it's still one of the best choices a woman can make for her health and for her offspring.  Please be assure, my advice doesn't come from a place of faith-based beliefs or politically "conservative values."  It comes from sound sociological research.

God's principles are timeless!  Even though she claims to not be a Christian or even believe in God, what she has found lines up perfectly with the Bible. Remain a virgin until married.  Marry a good man that will provide for his family and be faithful.  This is the recipe for a long and stable life for you and your children.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
Hebrews 13:8