Friday, August 9, 2013

Making Your Home A Haven

Does your husband love to come home after a long day of work?  Is he excited to see you?  Can he put his feet up, relax, and watch television without feeling judged?

For years, Ken had to walk on eggshells in our home.  It was not a haven to him.  He always worried he might do something to upset me and he did upset me quite often.  Wow!  Am I happy I am no longer like that.  I felt like a ping pong ball of emotion.

Now, he loves to come home.  It is truly his haven.  He can live like he wants without worrying what I may think or say.  All married men should feel comfortable and at home when in their own home.

Some times they are in a bad mood because they are exhausted and have had to deal with angry people during the day.  They get stressed from all the responsibility they have to maintain.  We must allow them bad moods and be supportive of him any ways.  Many women will argue, "Well, I am tired also.  I am home all day with the children, cleaning the house, and cooking."

Yes, being a full time mommy and wife are not easy.  We must always remember, however, that we were created to be their help meet, not the other way around.  We have the leisure of being able to rest when the children rest.  I always had my children in their rooms for two hours every day so I could recharge my batteries.

We can go at our own pace and cut out activities if we are too exhausted.  We must make sure our husbands, children, and home are well cared for before getting involved in other activities since these are our main ministry.

Therefore, ask yourself this question, "Is my home a haven for my husband?"  If it is not, work on making it one for him and if it is, you are doing a great and mighty job.  Keep it up.

Every wise woman builds her house, 
but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.