Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Do Men Tend To Be More Skeptical?

Cassi was very excited one morning.  She was at her cousin Ali's home one night.  Ali and her mom, Alisa, my sister, took a very extensive health course and learned so much.  They learned that your pulse will rise by five or more points if you eat something your body is allergic to. 

Your body will release histamines in response to the allergen and cause your pulse to rise.  You take your pulse.  Then you take a mouthful of the food you want to test.  Take your pulse and if it goes up five or more points you are allergic it. 

Stay off it for awhile allowing your gut to heal and then test it again.  So Cassi was trying all these different foods to see if she had any allergic reactions to any of them. Ken came down and asked what was going on.  He laughed. 

Cassi said, "You are always so skeptical."  I told her it is in a man's nature to be skeptical.  Most cults have been started by women.  Fortune tellers, palm readers, astrologists, etc. are mostly all women. 

The Bible even said that the woman is more easily deceived than the man. Shortly afterwards, Steven came into the room and asked what was going on.  He laughed also and I told him he had the typical male reaction.  This is a good thing. 

Men should be more skeptical.  We women fall for things a little too easily.  This method of figuring out if you are allergic to something may very well be a good thing but I thought it proved the Bible's point so well.  Cassi and I were immediately gun-ho on it and Ken and Steven were not.  They wanted a bit more proof before they believed it. 

This is why God wants men to be in charge of marriages and churches.  He is God.  He made us and knows us better than we know ourselves.  We can trust Him.

Adam was not deceived but the woman 
being deceived was in transgression.
I Timothy 2:14