Monday, May 12, 2014

Can The Purity Movement Harm Women?

Some women feel the purity movement harmed them. They don't have a good sex life once they are married so they blame it on the purity movement. They feel it caused them to feel guilty about having sex and caused difficulty when they attempted to have sex. {People who have sex before marriage struggle with feelings of guilt connected with sex after being married, also.} I am not sure what their purity movement consisted of but it certainly wasn't biblical.

The Bible commands us to be sexually pure before marriage. Growing up in such a highly sexualized culture, we must arm our children with Truth and that means to stay sexually pure before marriage. We must warn them about all sin that is contrary to God's ways and encourage them to always walk in obedience to God because they love Him.

However, the Bible says that when one sins sexually, they sin against their own bodies so we must arm our children with protection. These women who feel that it prevented them from having a good sex life need to understand that there are women who were sexually promiscuous before marriage and don't have a good sex life once married also. There are women who "fooled around" before marriage, didn't have intercourse, but don't enjoy married sex. I am not sure it is right to blame purity being taught before marriage on their problems since God absolutely commands sexual purity even after marriage.

I believe it is just another way to tear down a very important, godly movement to save our children from the ravages of sexual promiscuity. They need to be taught that sex is a good and holy thing designed by God for married couples to procreate and enjoy each other. It is only for the bonds of marriage, however. 

This life down here is fallen, far from perfect. Even when we walk in obedience to God, our lives will have struggles. Godly, Christian couples who waited to have sex until marriage may struggle. There are no guarantees that just because you waited, you will have a healthy, pleasing sexual relationship. This should never be your goal in walking in obedience to God. Your goal should be to honor the Lord and do what He tells you to do because you know His ways are best and He loves us.

In conclusion, I believe the purity movement is something that is very much needed today. Children need to feel that they are not alone in their fight against sexual promiscuity. To have fathers involved, boundaries, and accountability will always be a good thing, in my opinion. Children need all the help that they can get in striving for purity! Above all, make sure they know who they are in Christ and the strength that lives inside of them.

Flee from sexual immorality. 
Every other sin a person commits 
is outside the body, but the sexually 
immoral person sins against his own body.
I Corinthians 6:18