Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She Was Always There

Peggy Noonan, the former speech writer for Presidents Reagan and Bush I, wrote a book called Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In the book, she recounts a conversation with her brother-in-law in which she asked him what the best thing was about his mother when he was growing up.

And immediately he said, "That she was there." "There for you," I said. "No," he said, "actually there. In the kitchen. For twenty years she stood in the kitchen stirring the gravy. Every day I came home from school, she was there. When I came home with a broken arm or blood coming out of my lip, she was at the door. That's the big change. Kids have no one home now. I don't mean one-parent families, I mean two parents and both are out. And we'll never go back to the old way again, ever."

I wish I could tell that man that he's wrong. The "old ways" are not gone; they've just been out of sight for awhile. These ways are written on the pages of scripture for anyone who has a heart to seek and heed them. These ways exist within the soul of every woman who quietly devotes herself to hearth and home, hidden away from the popular culture, but shining forth in the kingdom of her Father in heaven.

Let's be the ones of whom our sons and daughters will be able to say one day, "My mother was always there." Give your whole heart to your family and home and you will find a treasure rarely enjoyed in our times. You will leave a blessing with your family that will last a lifetime and beyond. {New Harvest Homestead}

Was your mother always there? Mine was. Every day as soon as I got home from school, I would open the door and yell, "Mom, I'm home!" I wanted to share with her all I did that day. All my friends gathered at our home since my mom was always there.  A mom-at-home makes the home warm and cozy. I loved having my mom home. If you have children, do everything you can to always be there for them as long as they live under your roof.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, 
bear children, rule the house, 
give no occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
I Timothy 5:14

***I encourage you to listen to John MacArthur today as he preaches
God's Plan For Younger Women, Part 1

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