Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Her Mother Did "Nothing" All Day

Her mom was a stay at home when she was raising her. She said her mom stayed home and did "nothing" although she did have this to say about her mom ~

If there was penny – she knew how to pinch it. She'd compare prices and bargain shop til we were blue in the face. She always, always asked for a deal or a second opinion. She'd spend hours researching products before making a purchase. Test shoes, coats, cars – you name it before dropping a dime. Many of my peers and friends needed to live at home after college, drowning in debt, or simply couldn't make it own their own. I didn't. I was thankful for those penny pinching lessons.

I always knew from the get-go to live well below my means. I rode the bus, had a library card {probably only person in NYC who still does, besides my mom of course} and knew how to make a meal for under $2. I never needed a handout. I knew better than to charge an item if I didn't have the cash up front. I'd never think to live paycheck to paycheck or live beyond my means.

So her mom was very good with money and taught her many things. Another "nothing" she did was  "she became the go-to sherpa of recent divorc├ęs and widows in my neighborhood. They'd talk to her for hours and ask for her advice. She doled out references for trustworthy lawyers, accountants, banker, brokers – even mechanics."

She has decided she never wants to be a stay at home mom and do "nothing." She has decided that "Professionals spend over 70 percent of our lives at work. Besides gaining a paycheck – the office provides us a place to socialize, mate and best of all showcase our talents."

However, she did praise her mother for teaching her many wonderful things, "As I got older, I began to see the world through her eyes and have appreciated the fact that she was a stay at home mom. I saw that I ended up learning a whole lot about work from her. Maybe my mom didn't work in an office but she did run her household like a business."

It is really sad that her mother stayed home all day and did nothing so now she wants to be away from home 70% of the time when she is married and has children because that will be much more fulfilling. Go figure. 

She looks well to the ways of her household, 
and eats not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

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