Saturday, May 10, 2014

Laine's Letters And Paying Off Debt, Part 5

Many years ago, when I first began reading Laine's Letters, I remember her testimony. In her early years of marriage, she was not a good homemaker. She watched a lot of Soap Operas and was not submissive to her husband. After the birth of one of her children who was gravely ill, she made a promise to God that she would get up early every morning and spend time with Him, if He would heal her child.

The child lived, so she kept her promise and woke up every morning at 4:00 a.m. and spent time knowing Jesus. It completely changed her life, marriage, and family. She learned about submission, being a keeper at home, loving her husband and children, etc. She stopped watching Soap Operas and spent her time caring for her family, home, and others. 

Now, we will continue with the steps she took to get her family 
completely out of debt. The series begins HERE.

19 ~ My  husband and I have an allowance each week. Whenever I work on some one's budget, I always give the husband and wife a personal weekly allowance. I think it is the oil that keeps the marriage wheels running smoothly. ~Smile~

20 ~ We saved a lot of money and time by allowing our kids to be involved in mostly music and church. My older son teaches piano, so this has paid many of his bills. His piano lessons were a wonderful investment. We were careful about letting them get too over involved in anything. It saved our family life and our finances. We still eat together most evenings! Since our income is so tight, we have to pray and carefully consider what we can allow them to do. We don't pay them allowances, rather they work for their money.

21 ~ One of my best saving money secrets is to just stay home. The more you are in the stores, the more tempted you are to spend. So you save on gas, time, and money when you just stay home. I try to shop with a list in hand. That way I stick to the list and buy what I really need. But I sure save a lot when i just stay home more than when I go into the stores.

22 ~ As I mentioned before, I use my allowance for gift buying. I keep a gift box. It is really a small cupboard under my bookcase filled with all kinds of gifts that I find at great prices. Then when I need a gift, I go shopping there first. I try to keep a $3 and under gift allowance on each gift.

23 ~ My husband and I have never been able to afford going out on dates, or going away alone for the weekend. Our time together has always been our morning coffee chat every day. And since we could not afford going away for the weekend, I made our bedroom as romantic as possible. My husband never had his own room growing up. He slept in the living room on two cushions pulled out from the couch. So it has been my pleasure to make this room a mini-retreat for him each day.

24 ~ I nursed all of our children for a year each. This was a big savings since we have four children, yet it was not easy for me. But I had to do it, for we simply could not afford formula. I only had one side that worked, so the doctor told me to nurse on that one side. I was up every two to three hours with all of my children, because I only had one side to give them. I prayed, I cracked, I prayed, I cried, I prayed, I was exhausted, I prayed, and I had numerous breast infections with each one of them. I prayed and prayed for God's help and strength. He did indeed help me, because I wanted to give up over and over again. I look back now and see His incredible Hand in every situation and know His strength got me through. Nursing was never easy for me, yet I would do it all over again. Back then, I didn't even know how good it was for the baby and for me. So God used tight finances to teach me so much. That is why I can look on illness and health problems differently...He is teaching me so much during this time about herbs, nutrition, exercise, etc. "Discipline is never pleasant at the time, but so profitable to those who have been trained by it" (Hebrews 12:11).