Thursday, May 22, 2014

Steven's Proposal To Emily

From the moment I knew I was going to ask Emily to be my wife {about a day into dating :)}, I began to think of possible ways to propose to the love of my life. Emily had already expressed to me that she didn't want something overtly embarrassing {i.e. jumbotron} but rather something special to the both of us, and I agreed. Having wracked my mind for weeks, I finally came to what I felt was the best plan for us...and then it changed about 15 times until the night before the big day. So here it goes~

First off, a little back story to set the stage. A week and a half before the proposal, I had just finished my written orthodontic boards and asked Emily if she would like to go out to a fancy dinner in celebration. I told her that my Dad was paying for the bill {thanks Dad!} for us to celebrate and we could go somewhere super nice. What Emily didn't know was that this was all part of the set up to me asking her to be my bride. I wanted both of us dressed up and I felt this was a legitimate excuse to book a nice dinner.

On the Saturday of the proposal, I invited Emily over to hang out. When she arrived, we decided to go to the park for a time of relaxation, quiet time and devotions since the weather was beautiful. We found a nice little secluded grassy spot where we could share some time together. About half way through our afternoon bliss, I pulled out from my bag a single sheet of paper that I wanted to share with Emily. On this paper was a list entitled "Ten things I am looking for in a spouse," written by yours truly. Now this was written in September 2013, before I even met Emily. As you can imagine, Emily is exactly who I describe on this list and when I finished sharing this sheet of paper with Emily, I pulled out my guitar and wooed her with a sweet melody {no, I will not be playing this for anyone else}. I think at this point, she had a feeling that I was going to propose right then and there...But I didn't. Gotta save the suspense!

After about an hour at the park, we headed back to get ready for the epic boards accomplishment dinner. I knew the dinner was only 15 minutes away but we left 30 minutes early. Realizing that we left early, I asked Emily if she would want to see where I interviewed for the orthodontic program. Emily willingly agreed, thankfully. We parked and walked up to the building. The building was surrounded by a construction fence so we decided to walk down a little ways to see a few other parts of the medical center {all part of the plan ;)}. 

This is where we found the proposal location. This place held one of the iconic buildings of the medical center...a parking garage. Well, it is a parking garage, but a very beautiful one with waterfalls running down the side. I proceeded to walk Emily to the middle of the lawn in front of the waterfall: sun glistening, waterfall running, grass beautifully trimmed. It was the perfect time...except for the helicopter landing in the background about 200 feet away and barely being able to hear one another. Oh well, it's game time. I proceeded to share with Emily that over 2.5 years ago, the first place I stopped in this city was this exact spot and who would have known that in that time, I would meet the woman of my dreams. I dropped to one knee, pulled out a little blue box and asked Emily Jane if she would marry me. Emily was so excited she completely forgot about the ring and gave me a huge hug. I estimate I was on one knee for no more than five seconds. I had found a keeper ;).

Once the proposal was through and we got the pictures we wanted {thanks Kenner and Jamie!}, we then headed downtown to a wonderful restaurant. This restaurant is on the top floor of the Hyatt and is actually a revolving restaurant that spins at a slow pace overlooking the city. The best part is that the city is so flat you can see just about everything. We both had a great time and as the evening was wrapping up, I asked Emily if she wanted to go surprise her parents with the good news {still all part of the plan}.

As we drove out to her parent's home, we both talked about how fun it is going to be to walk into her home and surprise everyone with the engagement news. What Emily didn't know is that back at her home, I had 20 people waiting for us with decorations, champagne and cake to surprise Emily {Thanks, Janie!}. When we arrived at her home and stepped in the door, I couldn't have asked for a better way to top off the the night then to celebrate with family and friends. My parents even made it to the party all the way from California {that is they were being Skyped in through the computer.}. Both Emily and I had such a fun time that evening sharing the great news and reliving the past few hours. How blessed we both are and I am still in awe of God's goodness to me that Emily agreed to marry me. Can't wait!

I found whom my soul loves.
Song of Solomon 3:4