Friday, April 8, 2016

Chasing After the Fountain of Youth

Our culture values looks, youth, wealth, status, and education. Therefore, women chase after the fountain of youth spending billions of dollars each year to look young and attractive. It's almost a sin to look old nowadays. We must spend a fortune on our hair, makeup, and clothes to look in style. Unfortunately, even Christian women have fallen for this lie from the pit of hell. Do any of these things matter to the Lord? NO!

He wants us to take care of our bodies since we are the temple of the Holy Spirit but not go to the extreme that our society promotes. He cares way more about our behavior, than our outward man since it is decaying day by day. Women are told to have gentle and quiet spirits, adorn themselves by being in subjecting to their husbands, and be known for good works. This is what makes us beautiful. What is great about this is that when you begin to get gray hair, wrinkled and old, you can still be beautiful because your inward man is being renewed day by day in God's Word.

You are what you eat. If you eat the things of this world {TV, magazines, secular movies, etc}, you will look like the world. If you eat the things of the Word {daily reading of His Word, prayer, sermons, songs rich with Truth}, you will grow to look more like Jesus. Your desire should be to look and act like Jesus, not fit into this culture's mold. Therefore, flee the things of this world. Don't fool around with them. Don't even pick up the worldly magazines in doctor's offices. When I have done this, I felt dirty afterwards and I don't like this feeling. God commands we dwell on the good, the pure, and the lovely for a reason; it helps us to become good, pure, and lovely.

Many young women are so messed up today. They have no mother to bond to when they are a baby since they are passed around while their mothers chase a career. Their mothers aren't around much to influence them as they are growing up so they are left to fend for themselves. They learn to be a woman by watching the culture instead of having a godly mother in their life teaching them the feminine and godly ways of womanhood. Thus, they have eating disorders, shame, immodesty, and many other ways of trying to get attention instead of the security and mental stability that they should have gotten from their mother and father. 

Don't allow culture to raise your daughters, mothers, since it is on the pathway to hell. You must be the one home, bonding with her as a baby, influencing her in the ways of the Lord as she grows, and modeling to her godly, feminine womanhood since she most likely won't even learn it in the church. This is your responsibility; no one else.  You bore that baby in your womb, labored to bring her into life, nursed her at your breast, now raise her to know the Savior of her soul; for this is the greatest thing you can do for her.

May our daughters be like graceful pillars, 
carved to beautify a palace.
Psalm 144:12