Friday, April 22, 2016

Parable of "Keepers at Home"

Feminists have succeeded in putting women into bondage. Instead of giving them “freedom” as they promised; they have made them slaves to their careers and in submission to their bosses. Women who would love to be home full-time, many times have husbands who make them continue to work because all they see are dollar signs. Some have debt from their education they must pay off and/or they want the stuff of the world. They somehow stumble upon my blog and read that younger women should be "keepers at home." Here are the different responses from hearing this teaching.

It confuses them and makes them angry, so they reject the idea of being a keeper at home. "Why should I have to be home full-time when I enjoy my career so much? Why should I have to sacrifice this for my children? The Bible doesn't say women can't work outside of their home full-time and leave their children with others? Besides, I couldn't stand being home with my children all day." 

Others hear about it and with “joy receive it” but have no root in the Word or in the teaching and encouragement from an older women. When others, even their families, begin to mock them for being home and giving up a lucrative career, they go back to their career.

Some hear the reasoning behind being a keeper at home, but the cares of the world {fearing they can’t make ends meet} and the deceitfulness of riches {they decide they care much more about the things of this world than being home with their children} choke what they learn about this, so they stay in their careers.

Then there are those who hear it, receive it, and do anything they can to be home full-time even if that means living in a smaller home, owning one car, making food from scratch, having a garden, not having TV or a smart phone, etc. since they realize the importance of being a keeper at home and being the ones to raise their children.

I asked the women in the chat room why they thought so many women literally hate it when I teach women to be keepers at home and they had many good answers. {Names are changed to protect the innocent!}

Clare responded, "Every time I post anything about the benefits of homeschooling or being a stay-at-home mom, people will come out of the woodwork on my Facebook and say, 'Well that's great, but not everyone can afford to be a stay-at-home mom/homeschool;' as if we are just rich as heck and that's why I get to stay home. I will say that my husband makes a great salary that is just enough to have me stay home, to be able to still be wise and pay off debt, and save for retirement, etc. I don't know how we would make it on less money so I understand the struggle other families must go through. But what my friends who work don't realize is some of them probably could stay home, if they didn't get their hair and nails done every four to six weeks, bought a used car, didn't go out to eat often, didn't buy all the new electronics as they come out, didn't buy new clothes or go get a coffee every morning. {I know some women don't do these things and the budget is still a struggle, but the people who usually comment do all of these things and then some. So yeah, what they're saying is they can't afford to stay home and still buy fancy stuff for themselves.} 

You asked the other day in here if it was always the plan to stay home with your kids or not and I commented that we didn't talk about it; I just fell into it. The biggest reason for this was that as soon as my daughter was born I realized I just plain didn't trust anyone else with my kids, period. You don't have to watch the news very long before you hear a story about a nanny, babysitter, or daycare provider or even a teacher physically or sexually abusing children in their care. My husband said he always assumed I'd stay home but I didn't think about it until the baby came.”

Another woman said when she figured out what she brought home was about $120 a month after all the taxes, fast food, etc. due to her working outside of the home.

Sue wrote, “A lot of worldly women I know just plain don't want to be home with their kids! I love my sister-in-law, but she is one of these women. Her value {to her} is found in her Master's degree and job as a CPA. She has two small kids whose laundry is never done, food is always ordered in or microwaved, and she is always busy on her phone with clients. She is respectful to my choice to be home, but always says she could never do it."

Kate responded, “Women I've talked to that work outside the home say they just don't know how I could stay home with my kids all day. They'd go stir crazy and can't be around their kids for that amount of time. I also think it's more important to a lot of people to have a lot of stuff like a big fancy house and all the toys that go with it. They're too busy keeping up with the Jones'. “

Susan wrote, “It is true that many women simply do not want to be home. They look at it like they are in prison or something. They have bought into materialism and feminism; they are steeped in it to the point that they don't even see their error. If you truly study Scripture and prayerfully seek God's will as a woman you know in your heart where you home. I had a friend who stayed home one day with her two young children text me to complain and tell me that she could never be home full-time. She doesn't know how I do it, yet she is fine with dropping her children off at daycare so she can go to her job as a kindergarten teacher where she cares for and teaches other people's children. Many people are just selfish. They want their freedom and they want money to spend. Their hearts are far from God!’

Karen replied, “I also think society has said women's worth comes from their work. Even my husband was hesitant to allow me to stay home when we have kids because he said he didn't want me to give up on my dreams. It took me a long time to convince him that yeah, I did have plans to work and further my education but that was only because I didn't have a husband when I made those plans."

Sharon answered, "I think when women have made a decision about their life - and the decision to have a career or stay at home is a big one, they don't like to be challenged or told that this big decision is wrong. It has the potential to shatter their whole world, and that is scary. It comes from a place of fear. The whole world lives in fear; fear that staying at home is not good enough, or that the family will not have enough money. Fear that their lives are not being put to good use at home. All lies from Satan."

Wendy responded, "A lot of us, unfortunately, didn't know better. So the more info and facts you post, the better. I found your blog when I was being convicted from a word by Dr.Tony Evans called the Kingdom Family. When I heard him speak I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but something in my heart knew it was true. I had to learn more; then I found your blog."

Christy replied, "I think your latest flow chart explained it perfectly. As soon as I learned the word about being a keeper at home, my heart yearned for it more than anything. I think it was the Holy Spirit in me that just made it so right. I don't remember ever feeling uncomfortable about it or wrong. I sometimes don't understand how believers can get upset about it. We have to trust our God. He is so good and so perfect. Sometimes, reading something in His Word has struck me wrong; it may seem scary to believe. But we have to trust Him and believe Him. I want to go only the way He is going. His ways are perfect."

Lastly, Debbi answered, "I think women feel that it 'puts them in a box' or removes their choices. Society has trained us to think we can be all to everybody. Instead we burn out..."

There were other good ones but you get the picture!

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14