Monday, April 11, 2016

Good ~ Chapter Twenty One

God wants older women to teach younger women to be good. There is so much badness in our culture today and younger women are picking it up. Their attitudes are bad. They are offended easily and don't have teachable hearts. They want what they want, do what they want to do, and don't want anyone to stop them. This is why God wants older women to teach younger women to be good.

In order to be good, you must be consistently in the Word of God since this is what transforms us. We can try to be as good as we can but without the help of His Word and His Spirit to help us, we won't do a good job of being good. Allow God's instructions to you  permeate your life, memorize them, and let them saturate your mind. Then, you will know what is good and be able to do it.

If your husband is a spendthrift, instead of worrying about it, find every possible way to live frugally within his salary. If he is lazy, work hard by staying busy around the home, fixing things, and making things from scratch. If he is mean, win him with love and kindness. If he is grouchy, be cheerful and show good will towards him. Whatever faults your husband has, learn to deal with them in a positive and beneficial way. If you can't figure out how, ask the Lord to give you wisdom and He will. Seek out an older, godly women for her advice.

James Hamilton described goodness like this, "Goodness is love in actions, love with its hand to the plow, love with the burden on its back. Goodness is love carrying medicine to the sick, food for the famished. Goodness is love reading the Bible to the blind and explaining the gospel to the felon in his cell. Goodness is love to the Sunday School Class, or in the school, or on the away-from-home mission assignment - whenever and whatever, still the same love, following His footsteps who went about continually doing good." A person is what he does.*

As wives and mothers, spend your time doing good concerning your family. Learn to keep your children healthy without drugs. Study nutrition and what makes a strong and healthy immune system. Create healthy and delicious recipes from scratch. Grow herbs and fresh vegetables in your yard. Learn how to discipline your children so they aren't disobedient and rebellious. When your husband comes home from a long day at work, he can rest peacefully in his home because his children are well-behaved. Teach them all about the magnificence of their Savior. Learn how to do small repairs around your home. Paint the walls, recover chairs, sew curtains, and learn to make your home beautiful without spending a lot of money. 

A good woman is not caught up in looking good. She is conscious of the fear of God in her life. She has lived every day as though she believes she will reap what she has sown.* Yes, she likes to look clean and pretty but it is not her focus at all. She spends little money and time on herself. She doesn't need all the expensive creams and potions to keep her "wrinkle-free." {Besides, a smile is the very best facelift!} She doesn't need the most expensive hair cut. She colors her own hair and paints her own fingernails, if this is what she wants. However, most of her efforts are put into storing her treasures in heaven by investing her life into others. She is a good woman.

 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.
Proverbs 31:30, 31