Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Evil Distortion Of God's Word

We have friends who stand near Planned Parenthood praying for the women entering. If the women will listen, they share with them God's Truth and how He hates the killing of innocent life.  He hates pills that abort babies and mess up women's hormones.  They are actively involved for the Kingdom of God.

She relates one story that happened recently ~

 A man dropped off his girlfriend at the back door of PP and watched her go inside to have their innocent child’s life terminated. He was most likely told, as is the custom at PP, to come back later when it was all over. But as this man was leaving he stopped in the driveway to give those of us who were standing at the gates, with arms open wide to offer help and God’s love and biblical truth, a “word of admonition!” Robert Unger, our dear friend and brother in the Lord – a gentle, but fiery and passionate for the Lord, priest stepped forward to the open car window to talk to this nice looking black man before us. What we heard coming out of his mouth was painfully shocking! With obvious enthusiasm and a strange kind of conviction he responded to Robert’s polite, “Can we help you?” with, “What do you think you are doing here? Don’t you know that the blood of Jesus is able to cover everything and anything – including this? I can do this, and I am covered!”

After hearing this weird and distorted declaration, our dear friend immediately proceeded to share biblical truths of how this thinking was absolutely not right, and that he was deceived – that there was no excuse for willfully and knowingly taking the life of an innocent child with the justification that even though you know it is wrong, God will forgive! This dear gentle servant of God, with the fire of a Holy God fueling his words, turned righteously angry with the confrontation of such strange twisted doctrine and strange grace that was before us. Satan, the deceiver of men, is forever at work, and has no limits to how he can twist the precious life saving Truths of a Holy God – the only Truth that can set men free!

God will not be mocked.  We must never use Scripture to justify sin.  God hates sin.  He died to free us from sin and to walk in holiness.  He did not die so we could continue in sin.  

What shall we say then?  
Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?  
God forbid!!!  How shall we that are dead to sin 
live any longer therein?...
Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, 
that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.  
Romans 6:1,2,12