Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She Dropped Her Career For Him

Steve Harvey had a panel of women on his show discussing "having it all."  One career woman said she worked on some Saturdays and missed out on a lot of family activities.  She had little time with her son.  Her then fiance wanted her to come out of the workforce, stay at home, and do the "mom wife thing."  She wasn't willing to do that because "I worked too hard to get where I am with my career" so they broke off their engagement.

Another single 25 year old lawyer stated that women need a family and career to be happy.  She plans on having it all with nannies, daycare, and a partner who helps.

Steve Harvey ended the discussion with these words, "Some of you decide, 'I want to drop all of this {careers} so I can be the best mom in the world, that's what my mother did and I thank God for her all the time.'"  He went on to praise working moms and stay-at-home moms since his mother told him never to get in an argument with women.

After listening to this program, I think the bottom line in these women's argument for having a career is selfishness.  They value their education and career more than relationships, namely those of their husband and children.  For them to decide to end an engagement over a career or have nannies and daycare raise their children instead of them is very, very sad.

I have no problem with women pursuing an education and career before children but once they have children, it is absolutely in the best interest of their home, husband, and children to be at home full-time raising their children if at all possible, pleasing and serving their husband, and taking good care of their home.

Something has to give when mothers have careers with children.  The marriage suffers, the children suffer, the home suffers, or the career suffers.  I am glad that Mr. Harvey made it very clear that his mother was willing to sacrifice her career to stay at home full-time to raise him.  He reaped the benefits of this and is so thankful for it.  Are you willing to sacrifice your career for your husband, children, and family?

Teach the young women...to be keepers at home.
Titus 2:3,4